1. assistwat's Avatar
    I downloaded the upgrade for O.S. from 7.0 to 7.1.0 and ever since then I am having issue with the phone. it keeps freezing up on me all the time specially when texting. I try to erase my e-mails but it will not erase the one that I sent out. I had the phone paired with the car bluetooth system and now it wont even stay paired I keep having to redo the pairing. I even get message about not having enough memory to run my apps but I barely have any apps on my phone. and I have 2.5GB free on phone and 7.5GB on media card. I tried to revert back to 7.0 but it is not given me the option to do so. I am about to throw my phone out the door, anybody encountered these issues? How can I either fix those or go back to 7.0??????
    12-27-12 01:57 PM
  2. fabio1's Avatar
    Hi there, the best os i have tested on 9860 is 714, make sure you backup and wipe the phone first!
    12-29-12 05:33 PM
  3. assistwat's Avatar
    Ok so I guess the question is how do I wipe phone clean after doing back up . And where do I get this perticular version. I mean personnaly I would rather find out why this is happening. I am also due for an upgrade and I have lways stuck to BB but now I am not so sure. I have already got burned with the useless BB playbook.
    12-29-12 05:54 PM
  4. talonsdmc12's Avatar
    Hey, having the same problem with my 9850, but to fix it, ensure you have the newest version of blackberry desktop manager, then plug your phone in and attempt to update your device with the upper left drop down menu. When it says ur phone is up to date, click check other versions in the bottom left hand corner of the pop up window. Select a previous bundle, as I did the one previous. This will be considered a downgrade and will reset ur apps into thinking ur phone is brand new, but rim needs to make a new update for this phone that doesn't freeze the messenger application so frequently. Good luck, talons@gmail.com. If u have troubld
    01-06-13 01:52 PM
  5. abramadhi's Avatar
    It's always best if you wipe the phone completely using software like BBSAK, vnbutills, or jl_commander. Wipe it until when the phone is restarting it will show error 507 on the screen.
    I always wipe my blackberries this way before i load a new OS using loader.exe, that way the phone's memory is completely clean from previous junk files and i never had any problems everytime i installing a new OS into my bb.
    After you've installed the new OS, i suggest you restore only some important data from the previous backup like what i always do is only restore: contacts, calendar, messages, bbm contacts, bbm conversations, options and sound settings, and leave the rest. The blackberry will configure all the data and setting of the network automatically. But don't forget to setup your email account/s after it has finished the registration with your wireless provider if your device failed retrieving the accounts but again, usually it manage to retrieve the email accounts by itself especially on OS 7.1.

    I'm using a BL Returns v2 Hybrid on base and really happy with this combo. My ADR (average discharge rate) is only around 0.5-2% so my phone can last for 15-18 hours from single charge with heavy use of BBM, emails, light browsing, twitter, light use of google maps, some sms, and short calls. The memory can last around 5-7 days until i need to restart the phone.

    For tutorials on how to wipe and reload the OS using loader.exe you can search in this forum, there are tons of it. After the new OS has been installed and finished registering with the network then open DM to restore the selected data.
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    01-09-13 11:47 AM

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