06-23-13 07:36 AM
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  1. Hillary Blackerby's Avatar
    "You can force it to update the device whilst the phone is off and battery is out."

    And how does one do that? I also have the added bonus of having a mac that gets fussy with desktop manager. HALP! Oh and I have a Curve 9370, same social feeds freezing happening.
    11-20-12 01:54 AM
  2. worldtraveler123's Avatar
    My Phone: Curve 9360, but this seems to be a common problem when updating from 7 to 7.1..

    Symptoms: Phone Update Stalls at somewhere between 7 and 18% on the Social Feeds back up..

    All of the people that have responded thus far have commented that "they never used the Social Feeds App Anyway".. Its just a theory of mine, but it seems that all of us that have not used the Social feeds app have also never accepted the licensing agreement.. Just a hunch, but i think the upload gets stuck because the licensing agreement has not been accepted.. The back up portion of the update processes to the point of the Social Feeds and then stops..

    Also.. The fix reported was to "delete the Social Feeds App, by cancelling the update and then deleting the Social Feeds App, using the Blackberry Desktop Software.."

    This was not an option for me as as there was no Cancel Update on my phone, and because my phone was in the middle of the update, the Blackberry Desktop Software could not see my phone... Several of you reported the same issues..

    Here is how i fixed mine... Please read all of the text first and the key notes below before attempting this fix..

    Removed the Back, the Battery, and the SD Card... I don't know if removal of the card has any impact, but i wanted to start triage at a minimum baseline..

    Connected the phone with no battery, to the USB cable on my computer...i let the phone sit there until the No Battery Picture Appeared on the screen.. This took a couple of minutes..

    placed the battery back in the phone.. The phone after a minute or so gave me a white screen with a message in black text, and this is not the exact wording, but the message stated "there has been an unusual reset, press any key to roll back to the last good version".. or something like that... And i pressed the "h" key...

    A roll back initiation process took place, and rolled the phone back to version 7...

    As soon as the phone came up.. i had phone service again, and my data, but the ringer, and i assume all the other preferences were reset to factory defaults..

    I then, Through the Phone... Deleted the Social Feeds App...

    The Update Available Icon was present on the screen for the 7.1 update...

    So.. I replaced the SD Card, and clicked on the Update Available Icon...

    I had to re download the update completely... And then i initiated the update...

    This time the backup and the update processed without issue... During the update there are a couple of resets in the process managed by the update process until the update is complete..

    Total time for the update for me was 30 mins after i was able to delete the Social Feeds Apps...

    Key Notes:

    All in all i spent 4 hours messing around with the phone.. I would like to thank RIM for a painful Sunday afternoon...

    It took me several hours to piece an approach together, but I was successful in the end...

    This Fix did not happen on the first try and i had to repeat the process several times to get the Restore Function to take...

    The first time i saw the message, the message disappeared before i could read it.. The second time i hit the Blackberry Key, and that did not work.. The Third Time i hit the "h" key on the keyboard and the restore took... I highly recommend hitting a keyboard key and not a control key...

    I hope this may help someone avoid the frustration that i had to face today.. Cheers..
    11-25-12 04:17 PM
  3. Ashleigh Louise Johnstone's Avatar
    Hey sorry to bump an old thread but I was having this problem as well, my initialisation had frozen at social feeds and for 2 days I was trying to fix this, I simply did a battery pull and before the phone got to the freezing stage I held in alt,caps lock (on the right side) and delete, the phone rebooted and an error message came up "reboot started during update press any message to return phone to pre update stage " or something along those lines anyway .... Now I just cleared social feeds and am about to run the update again , fingers crossed it works this time!
    11-29-12 06:01 AM
  4. divernan's Avatar
    Help. Having same frozen issue on backup. But I can't do a desktop fix because my laptop is busted right now. What can I do?
    Also my wireless network shows it is off. So I don't think an update is really happening. It is now at 29% on maps. Has been running since midnight and it is now nine hours into the update.

    Yeah - I think I am going to get it to work! Thx for all the tips I read.
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    12-02-12 08:26 AM
  5. rosscoe32's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    So I just encountered the same problem. I updated my bb 9900 over wifi, and it froze on social feeds. There doesn't seem to be a way to access anything to cancel it or start a back up on the pc, whilst the previous one is already running.

    Work Around:

    Start up your bb desktop manager on pc.
    Pull the battery out of your phone, and plug it into your computer.
    You can force it to update the device whilst the phone is off and battery is out.
    The update will get half way and then it will tell you to reconnect your phone to your pc as it can't find it. Don't unplug it!
    Put the battery back in your phone whilst it is still connected to the pc and keep hitting the retry button on the pc.
    My phone eventually went into update mode on the pc.
    My media was all still saved on the device. But I backed it up to pc now!

    Hopefully this is useful for you guys, I was going ape sh*t this morning throwing a tantrum. Had to resort to using my iphone for calls!

    Truly blessed this morning.

    Good luck guys.
    Hiya I have done this and it worked, but I have lost all my contacts and information I had on the phone. Any ideas if I can restore this info as my pc didn't back it up.


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    12-28-12 11:36 AM
  6. rosscoe32's Avatar

    I have done what lrfbb suggested and it worked, but for some reason I lost all my contacts and save information from the handset, does anyone have any ideas how to restore this?


    Mr peeved of London!
    12-28-12 11:38 AM
  7. LCromwell's Avatar
    If you have the FREE App BlackBerry protect,and have ever backed up with it it will restore all your contacts and wifi settings plus apps. If not you need it and set it to auto back up every day.
    12-28-12 12:36 PM
  8. gogga171's Avatar
    thank you lrfbb, it worked like a bomb! i feel like kissing my screen out of joy right now! appreciate it soooooo much
    01-07-13 11:16 AM
  9. giovannavz's Avatar
    this is the only thing that worked, thank you so much! I was about to throw my phone out the window
    01-10-13 06:05 PM
  10. Ibrahim_M's Avatar
    Thank you, you're a phone saver
    02-09-13 10:10 AM
  11. LCromwell's Avatar
    I think on future updates I'm going to remove social feeds App. Then after update is completed , reinstall social feeds.
    02-09-13 10:31 AM
  12. beckymidgley1234's Avatar
    Hello, i have a Blackberry Bold 9790, a few weeks ago it told me to perform an update, it then got stuck on "Social Feeds" when performing the back up. It won't let me do anything, the only thing it lets me do is turn it off. I sent it back to my provider to be fixed but they refused to fix it because of the damage at the top. Therefore it still isn't working, i have been all over the internet looking for solutions and i've tried EVERYTHING and nothing seems to work. it gets really hot when its on as well. ARE THERE ANY SOLUTIONS SOMEONE COULD GIVE ME, a system reset or factory reset ANYTHING? i need my phone back!!!!!!!!!!
    02-26-13 08:48 AM
  13. LCromwell's Avatar
    Go here and open a new thread. It is possible to fix,but don't get too upset if it doesn't.
    02-26-13 10:30 AM
  14. trsbbs's Avatar
    Remove Social Feeds from the phone. Big battery eater and will solve the backup issue.


    Sent from my BlackBerry 9850
    02-26-13 12:18 PM
  15. GRRRRRcrackberry's Avatar
    Thank you, this is the real answer. The other stuff above this is neat-o info but does not solve the problem.
    03-22-13 09:26 AM
  16. GRRRRRcrackberry's Avatar
    WORLDTRAVELER123's answer fixed it.
    03-22-13 09:29 AM
  17. KayleighhMG's Avatar
    I was literally in melt down this morning after leaving my phone stuck at 11% all night, thank you so much for your post you have saved my phone! plus i saved all of my pictures which was a bonus!!
    04-11-13 02:46 AM
  18. Charlotte Rajkumar's Avatar
    can someone help me i have the same problem with my torch 9850. but nothing seems to be working
    05-06-13 12:33 PM
  19. Charlotte Rajkumar's Avatar
    it's working THANK GOD !
    05-06-13 12:36 PM
  20. lorenzo_s's Avatar
    I too have battled for days to overcome this problem. It's disgraceful!
    No wonder RIM are dead in the water. I'm giving up on this ancient technology and off to buy a proper phone - Android...RIM, you had it all to loose and you lost it - pathetic...
    05-26-13 03:41 AM
  21. mckorode's Avatar
    how did you fix your 9850, I have the same problem..did you use desktop manager.?
    06-23-13 07:36 AM
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