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    Blackberry 9860 dead...Red Led light blinking for few seconds and icon x shows on battery symbol, Battery not charging, attimes it will show yellow thunder light in the battery symbol as if its chargin but after awhile the symbol with Red X crossing the battery will appear, its not booting only showing Red Led light and after turns to X crossing the battery. i ve tried to charge for many hour but still showing the X symbol. also i ve used MCP ,CFI method by cleaning with wipe and Nuke all in vain. also try Fast Installer and JLCommand they r couldnt get inside my device. All the OS ve been installing r from the carrier so didnt need to delete the Vendor....after everything it will stuck at 'reconnecting JVM'...I Used Apploader from Program file and also Desktop Manager stop at the same place..'reconnecting JVM'...I ve searched diff forum for solution but everyone keep sayin almost everything and so far i ve not beaten Reconnecting JVM....
    Dont knw what might probably be WRONG?,,The device just exceed the warrantty given and moreover i left where i bought the phone.,,so ve to look for solution on my own.
    Is there anyone out that knw how to get out of this...?Really need your assistance..

    Everything was perfect with the phone until a notice/advert poped up on my device asking me to Upgrade my DEVICE to latest , which i clicked on and asked me the time i wanted for the upgrading to start,,,blablabla..Everything went well and my fone was upgraded and worked for a day but at night my battery was down as usual and after like 45/50minutes that i wanted to charge my battery. ICON WITH RED X SYMBOL APPEARS ON THE BATTERY SYMBOL and since then i couldnt power it on.

    Anybody that knows what i can do , your advice, solution ll be highly appreciated,
    Thank you
    01-22-13 07:49 PM
  2. craighew's Avatar
    Do you get any error code shown at all? Normally when an upgrade fails there are 2 or 3 common error codes quoted on screen, each with their own (well documented on these forums) recovery procedure.

    I'm thinking either your battery is totally goosed, although that would be unusual or your charger is faulty (again not unheard of but unusual).

    An old Indian trick is to take your battery out, warm it up a bit in your hands then try to recharge via a known working charger and or socket outlet.

    good luck
    01-31-13 08:38 AM
  3. rickkel's Avatar
    I was having crazy problems with my 9850 showing a full charge, take off the charge cord and within 5 minutes the battery shows dead and the phone automatically reboots. Battery shows full after the reboot, then immediately dead. This was the battery failing. I took the battery out and it had a slight bulge on both sides (if you can spin it on a table, it's toast). Try a new battery. If you have a friend with a Bold 99X0 they use the same battery if you don't want to buy a new one first. Mine was about 1 1/2 years old and that is about the life of a small lithium ion battery being constantly charged and discharged on a daily basis.
    02-01-13 05:01 PM
  4. HowieDolce's Avatar
    Hi there! I had a similar issue with the red battery with x icon....I tried a few different things but what I think did it for me was to launch loader.exe and have your device attached with the battery removed....what I noticed happened with the battery in there was no detection to the computer, but with it out and just connected via USB, the computer was able to detect the PIN via USB and bring up the application list of the OS etc to load...at this point I replaced the battery and proceeded to click through to continue the reload of the OS....my computer gave me a pop-up error about not detecting the device again (as it did previously), but I ignored this notification and had the application loader check again and it was able to connect to the device to load the JVM and OS as usual....

    Your mileage will definitely vary on this but generally I was able to establish a connection to the device without the battery first and then replace it while it was connecting/connected the system. This is not the first time I had to use a similar procedure to recover my BlackBerry.

    Hope this helps someone!
    02-02-13 01:11 PM

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