1. Domonations1's Avatar
    Hello all! I was hoping someone would be able to help me with this so here it goes.

    I recently got a Blackberry Torch 9860 from RIM since it was on sale. And it arrived last Friday and the hardware is great. However, every time I try to connect to Rogers Wireless' 3G service, it won't work.

    As of now I'm only able to connect to its EDGE network. Although it's not a big issue it is frustrating when sending pictures, and applications that use data are ten times slower.

    I've tried many times to go on the mobile network settings and set it only to 3G and I've done a manual search and it seems that my blackberry only picks up Wind Mobiles 3G connection, since mine is Rogers it wont work.

    I've done everything I could, I've called rogers, RIM even, I've done a battery pull and I even upgraded to 7.1 thinking it could work (the latest build btw, it was 746) and nothing has changed.

    Has anyone ever experienced this? If so would you be able to give me some advice to fix it?

    PS. I've been able to connect to the Rogers 3G network through my Blackberry 9700 so I know there are towers with the 3G network.
    12-17-12 06:46 PM
  2. Benjamin Black's Avatar
    You purchased model number # RDQ71UW, you should have purchased model number RDP71UW. You're device doesn't have a radio capable of transmitting on the band required by rogers for 3G.
    12-17-12 09:51 PM
  3. sentano's Avatar
    Hi there,
    I have a similar issue with reversed parameters....I want to connect to windmobile but I can't...same 9860, new, unlocked. can we talk about switching devices?
    My model # is RDP71UW
    Tried a rogers sim and it pics up 3G.
    12-17-12 10:31 PM
  4. darthvader811's Avatar
    Im having the same problem i purchase this blackberry torch 9860 Model RDP71UW from ebay and it's unlocked so it seems and it wont scan in any network koodo rogers and telus nor bell and it is a telus phone when i insert my koodo sim card it shoes my phone number it connects to my internet service but not to koodo
    12-28-12 10:23 PM

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