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    Heres the Issue im having.

    I recently bought a used US Cellular 9850. Im running, 7.1 Bundle 2123.

    I had a 9780, and when I switched devices, from the 9780 to the 9850, I am unable to setup my email accounts. But, whats is interesting is, I have a BIS connection, and have my Service Books, I have Browser, and am able to browse the web, but not able to setup my accounts. AT ALL.

    My 9850, spits out an error saying, The device is not registered. You need to register the device. Register through Host Routing Table. Go To, Options -> Device -> Advanced -> Host Routing Table -> Press the BB Menu Key -> Register Now.

    So Ive repeated these steps many of times, and it still spits out the error.

    EDGE, not edge, Connection.
    Service Information states I have a BIS Connection.
    I am using the 'My Simple Mobile" Carrier
    Simple Mobile does not support the 9850, but, I have seen others use various unsupported BB's on the My Simple Mobile Network, like, 9650, 9630, and other devices.
    12-23-12 03:21 AM

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