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    With my last BB "Bold" I could use the pilot-headset "Sennheiser" with a connetion cable standard 3,5 mm 4 pole., but with the newer Torch 9860, it's not working... the person I call hear me, but I dont hear him/her ??

    Normal standard earplugs that came with the phone works, and I did the tests without any faults, and it's the same problem for my colleagues at work with the same phone (4 persons/phones)

    So is this a pole-switch from Iphone or similar to prevent other brands to use the same plug ?
    Is there any adapter cable that can solve this issue ?
    I heard about the "FiiO LU1" cable, but I want to be sure it works beore I order it.

    Can anyone help please ??

    Cheeers, Alf
    02-20-13 05:08 PM

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