1. Phoenix1350's Avatar
    Hi all. Firstly im from Australia. This is my first post on CrackBerry, but i've been using BB for a few years now and regularly visit the site.

    My question is about unlocking my current 9860 which is set to Optus bands 1, 4, 8. I would like to move over to Telstra as they coverage in the area i currently work in (Pilbra) but from what I've read, the Telstra network won't recognise bands 1, 4 8 and only 1, 2, 5, 6. (2100/1700/900 and 2100/1900/850/800)

    Will unlocking my phone allow me to use these other bands? (1, 2, 5, 6)

    A Telstra rep informed me that I could acces the Next G network which uses 850 Mhz (band 5?)... but reading around says i can't. Can anyone clarify what Telstra networks I can access with an Optus setting of bands 1, 4, 8? I really need to access the 3G network that Telstra has as it covers a greater area.

    I have also considered buying a new BB 9900 outright that is 'unlocked'. Does this mean it will work on ANY network, or do i still need to find one that can use 850 Mhz (band 5?)

    Cheers, in advance
    11-12-12 05:28 AM
  2. RedxD's Avatar
    You can't unlock or change 3G bands so yo're wouldn't get 3G with carrier that doesn't support 1, 4 or 8, if it's unlocked it'll work but without 3G
    11-12-12 07:07 AM

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