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    I have the 9850 running the latest VZ operating system since it was released. In the last week or 2, text messages from a couple of my contacts are not showing under the icon when they come in yet are in my SMS folder when I do a view folder of the SMS inbox. The red indicator blinks,but the little text folder at the top of the screen doesn't show when these messages come in. Also the phone either vibrates or makes a sound depending on the profile selected.
    I have my settings so that text messages are only in the text folder. If I check show in the message folder also, these missing messages don't show there either. I don't use BBM so basically the problem is isolated to a couple contacts that worked fine until a couple weeks ago.Email from these contacts works fine.
    I've tried battery pulls and checked every setting and nothing has helped.
    I searched this forum and found similar issues but no real solutions. I guess as a last resort I may have to reload the operating system but that seems major for just 2 contact problems.
    Any suggestions?
    02-04-13 07:49 PM

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