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    This is my experience with the 9860 back button problems and how I seemed to fix it and how you can too.

    We bought 3 - 9860 phones back last Sept. and one had the problem in about Nov. and another one in Feb/March.

    What i did figure out early on is that if you press the back button and it did not work, while holding it down simply rub another finger over the send button and Voila it would work.

    This was great to get it to work temporarily, however quickly became a pain having to use 2 hands every time i needed to do a simple function on my phone.

    I am in the electronics field and quickly realized that the trouble was not as much with the back button as much as it was with the SEND button. Think about it... how often do you press the SEND button? I never did I don't place or receive many calls, but these buttons seem to be connected somehow and when the SEND button connection is bad it seems to make the BACK button not work.


    We had 2 of 3 phones with this problem so this is what I did to fix both. The First one i took apart to see what i could see and to find out if there was a loose connection etc. The buttons are a sealed unit underneath and do not come out to be cleaned or checked.

    I took cleaning alcohol and poured it over all the keys and proceeded to press all the keys numerous times working more with the SEND key then the others. I then took compressed air and blew air into the keys to dry out any remaining alcohol.

    After reassembling the phone it has been GREAT and no more BACK button issues since the cleaning.

    The second phone (which was decidedly worse) I decided to do the same thing except NOT taking it apart. But PLEASE remember take the battery out first if not you could seriously damage your phone.

    After taking the battery out I poured cleaning alcohol over the keys on the front side and again repeatedly pressed the buttons concentrating more on the SEND button. i was surprised to find out that this has fixed the second phone as well.

    I am not sure if this fix will stick but i can tell you with 2 phones that could not use the back button we are happy with this fix. I was starting to hate this phone but now i love it again.

    Sorry for the long post but i wanted to give some history to this problem.

    05-15-12 11:02 AM
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    Thanks for the post! :-)
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    05-15-12 10:44 PM
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    It has now been a week since this fix and these phones are working perfectly and the fix is holding. I hope others find this useful for broken back buttons on their phones.

    05-17-12 12:48 PM
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    I'm scared about the "poured" part.
    05-19-12 09:26 AM
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    I'm scared about the "poured" part.
    Ok poured night be the wrong term, try dripped some cleaning alcohol. Enough to get down in the keys.

    It will dry out quickly and not be an issue. Blow air in keys to make sure their dry.

    I could not be happier now that this fixed it. Give it a go.

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    05-19-12 09:50 AM
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    Wow, I just tried this and so far all buttons seem to be working perfectly. I had gotten used to (not really) the two hand operation, but this feels like a miracle.

    I soaked some alcohol onto a cotton ball and then slowly squeezed it to drip a few drops into the button 'seams', then clicked/pushed them a few times. After that I wiped off the excess, blew some compressed air and-too make sure- shook/swung it a few times to get all the liquid out.

    Worth a try, if it makes things worse later we won't know for a while, but it's already 'broken' so.. what's there to lose?

    Thanks for the tip!!
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    05-19-12 10:55 AM
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    what is "cleaning alcohol " ?
    05-30-12 06:44 PM
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    Doesn't alcohol eat plastic?
    05-30-12 07:17 PM
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    Alcohol with an acetate will. if you are going to go so far as to clean it with something. Get some QD electronics cleaner is the parts department at wallyworld. Don't spray directly on the device. Spray heavily into a qtip and rub around the button opening.

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    05-30-12 10:16 PM
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    I tried this fix, sadly it worked for 24 hours and is still a problem. I decided to go back to previous OS versions, first with the latest official 7.0. and then with a leaked 7.1
    With the first no change, but with the second the buttons started working. After I finished updating the few apps i have installed, the problem came back. That's why I think this may be RAM associated ( I only have 512 where later versions of the 9860 have over 700).
    In any case I have ordered a front cover complete, from Rounded.com
    05-31-12 10:19 AM
  11. Mike_Luchia's Avatar
    what is "cleaning alcohol " ?
    Did this ever get answered, perhaps in a PM? I'm starting to find this problem on my 9860, at least it is feeling like the button is just "pushed down more than usual" and not as high as it used to be.

    07-05-12 01:35 PM
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    I had to replace the front case that includes the buttons. That really solved the problem.
    07-05-12 06:19 PM
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    Just tried this on my 9860 that has the back button and menu button not working issue. So far it works. Lets see if it lasts... till at least BB10 comes out!
    07-08-12 12:40 AM
  14. Mike_Luchia's Avatar
    Just tried this on my 9860 that has the back button and menu button not working issue. So far it works. Lets see if it lasts... till at least BB10 comes out!
    What did you use? I'm still trying to figure out what cleaning alcohol is?

    07-08-12 12:44 AM
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    isopropyl alcohol is for cleaning. Scooter, the reason is the buttons are all tied to a matrix with each button having a different resistance value. so when you press a button a voltage is induced, a combination of buttons will produce an even higher voltage. This way, only a certain number of inputs are electronically designed to produce the effects you want. If you have radio control buttons on your steering wheel, then the same principle is applied. vol+, vol-, mute, ch+,ch- all produce a different voltage on the same circuit. So if a button with a higher voltage is stuck, the lower voltage ones don't seem to function.
    07-08-12 04:26 PM
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    Just did this to my 9860 and back button is working fine now. Hopefully this stays that way and I won't have to order a new button strip.

    11-13-12 02:16 PM
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    not that this has happened to my 9860 yet but many thanks to the OP. Atleast I know what to do now when i encounter this!!
    11-13-12 02:37 PM