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    Very MINI banner. Liquid Blue graphics throughout. 9810 does NOT have a scrolling banner until further updates have been made to the OS.

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    04-11-12 11:09 AM
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    I see splashes of Porsche icons in here
    04-11-12 07:58 PM
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    Just the 1 Porsche icon on the lock screen. I like that lock :- There is BlackBerry Tablet OS2.0 icons and folders through out..

    ( I will post screenshots later of icons, as I only have screens with the icons present & do not want to show a feature that is no longer present. If you really want to see the icons NOW, go to the 9900 BeBlue Liquid thread.)

    This theme originally had an 18 icon dock in the top banner, but the different OS versions > make a real mess of it.

    I have removed them for the time being but will be looking for ways to reinsert them in the future. As soon as

    A- RIM updates the theme environment on its OS to how it work prior to

    B- I figure out a work around

    The theme is still unique and is now updated to at app world.
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    The theme looks great I personally like hw it looks
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    04-12-12 08:05 AM
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    04-12-12 06:07 PM
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    If anyone who is on 7.0 and wants the 18 icon banner version, I will do it via donation, As the icon banner works fine on 7.0 OS'
    04-12-12 06:08 PM
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    Very nice!! And no huge banner!!

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    04-12-12 07:14 PM
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    04-12-12 08:18 PM
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    04-13-12 06:51 AM
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    04-13-12 09:27 AM
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    04-15-12 09:06 PM
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    Fantastic theme! I love the transparency throughout and the small banner!!
    04-18-12 03:33 PM