1. curve1967's Avatar
    Introducing The Legend of Zelda for the Torch2 9810
    'Link's got a brand new Torch'

    -Battery Meter skinned as a Heart Container that empties as your Battery dies
    -Signal Meter skinned as a Complete Triforce
    -Focus Icon is an 8-bit Link
    -New Item Icon is a Red Potion
    -Unread Icons skinned to match App Screen Icons



    Please remember to do a battery pull after installing this theme and each time after you change to a new theme already on your Torch
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    01-07-12 10:52 AM
  2. jmb12177's Avatar
    Very awesome theme, thank you thank you

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    01-07-12 10:09 PM
  3. Shaun Zeeb's Avatar
    sweet theme
    01-08-12 10:39 AM
  4. sbrimer87's Avatar
    I love this theme and put all the custom icons on my home page. Problem is that when I search, the results window is blank, if I click where a result should be, it takes me there. Any ideas? Btw, 7.0.0 bundle 1355, torch 9810.
    01-16-12 04:03 AM
  5. troshs's Avatar
    Downloaded this one as well. Makes a great theme, all I had to do was add the sounds!
    05-20-12 12:14 PM