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    It's my first custom layout theme for full touch screen devices, and as a keyboard model user, I don't really know how you guys like to use your device.
    So I really wish you can give me some suggestions and feedback after you read this or used the theme, thanks.

    Theme Support:

    1. This is a custom theme, you have to update your OS to 7.1 to use it.
    2. There's no official software support for OS7 devices, therefore, all apps in folders are invisible in any custom theme.
    You can move the apps out of folder to see theme or use universal search, hotkey to launch theme directly.

    1. Biggest time display you have ever seen on blackberry;
    2. Optimized for touchscreen;
    3. Full Meego Icon;
    4. Custom lockscreen avatar;
    5. Hidden dock in homescreen with 4 user-defined icons;
    6. One weather slot; (alt+i/o to show/hide, does not work with ampm)
    7. Animated charging indicator (from playbook)
    8. Perfect Asian language support.

    How to use
    A.7 touch area marked in pic below (8 if you enable the weather)

    1.network management;
    2.universal search;
    6.hide dock;
    7.show dock

    B. The banner of messages and app screen are also designed like this with quick access to network,search,profile and clock;
    C. You can show and hide the dock by trackpad up and down.
    D. Avatar in lockscreen, you can put a 64x64 image file to your sdcard's root. rename it to "1", it can be jpg,gif,bmp,png.
    E. Weather slot, activate virtue keyboard in homescreen and press alt+o to show,alt+i to hide weather slot.(only work with 24hours time mode)

    Screenshots on 9860:

    Beego for 9810 by AlmostDone-9860-3-.pngBeego for 9810 by AlmostDone-9860.pngBeego for 9810 by AlmostDone-9860-01-2-.pngBeego for 9810 by AlmostDone-9860-01-3-.jpgBeego for 9810 by AlmostDone-9860-01.jpgBeego for 9810 by AlmostDone-9860-1.jpg

    Get from Mybbota.com
    MyBBOTA.com Download - Beego for 9810

    Get from Appworld
    BlackBerry World - Beego Theme for OS5 OS6 OS7

    Beego for 9810 by AlmostDone-.png
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    appworld is available now
    03-08-13 09:37 AM

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