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    Been trying to find a way to have a portable calendar lately... will be away from my desktop computer for a while and did not want to bother setting up Outlook on my portable computer. Anyhow...

    Dumped Google calendar after wasting time repairing multiple entries issue.

    Decided to go for Windows live cal. Copied and pasted via Outlook 2010, simply. Did not find a way to sync my Live calendar with my Outlook calendar. Oh well, that's another issue...
    Windows live cal works fine on a computer (although categories not kept, single color for appointments...) BUT on my Torch, niet!

    Upon setting up the email account on the 9810, only gives me the option to synchronize contacts. No calendar option to tick.

    Under calendar icon, the cal IS there, but it's symply empty. Zero entries.

    In my service books list, my blabla@live.ca CICAL service IS there and active.

    Where on earth is the calendar info trapped?

    Anybody out there is using successfully Live Cal as a main calendar on their computer and 9810?

    Now I can only think that when this problem is solved, I have to go and make sure the calendar works fine on my PlayBook. Cross my fingers!
    10-20-12 10:53 AM
  2. purple_bb's Avatar
    Oh... works beautifully on the PlayBook!

    But on the Torch, anyone succeeded? I read an old 2008 post that said it was not possible on a BB phone to use a Hotmail/Live calendar. Still true, or Windows ended up correcting this lack of modernity?
    10-20-12 11:12 AM
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    Anybody? My post is going down and no one seems to be experiencing the same issue as I am... I ain't going back to Google cal, no!

    Please someone let me know whether it's possible to have Windows Live calendar as a main calendar on my BB 9810. If not, I'll just stop trying and try to find a way around this problem...
    10-21-12 02:09 PM
  4. go1ndr's Avatar
    Actually Gmail/Google calendar worked good for me for my Kindle Fire tablet as I use an outlook.com email address on the tablet only (don't need to get my business/personal emails on my main email address on 4 computers and my phone-duh). I still wanted to have my outlook calendar sync with the live.com (outlook.com) calendar on the tablet but it would not. So I had to build a Gmail/Google calendar and then sync the outlook with Google calendar-which it does flawlessly (one way) several times a day. This allows me to have my main calendar on my tablet as well. My phone syncs with outlook daily as well.

    Back to your phone sync. When you set up your outlook email address on your phone, it should give you the choice of syncing either way or back and forth for your calendar, contacts, tasks, and memo pad. If yours is missing, I'd delete the email account and start over and if it still doesn't do it, I'd delete the desktop manager and reinstall it as it may be corrupted. I have never seen the configuration setting on DM not offer all the options. When you start, make sure you click MicroSoft Outlook as your main email and calendar/contact program and then go from there. Keep us posted as this is unusual. Thanks and good luck. Go1ndr
    10-22-12 01:33 PM
  5. purple_bb's Avatar
    When you set up your outlook email address on your phone, it should give you the choice of syncing either way or back and forth for your calendar, contacts, tasks, and memo pad.
    Thanks go for taking the time.

    Actually, I only get the syncing option for contacts on the phone with Live/Hotmail. The others (cal, tasks, memo...) are not even there in grey. They're just absent!!! Obviously, the mail does sync (that's the whole point of setting up the account, right?) I tried with a Live and a Hotmail address and the issue remains. With my gmail address, I'm offered the sync option for contacts, but also calendar. With my blackberry.net address, the syncing option is not even there, but the core phone calendar seems to be associated to this address and this core blackberry calendar is always available from my main screen...

    I haven't thought of uninstalling the Live account on my phone. Well, I may have done it in the process of desperately trying to solve the case, but I'll do it again anyhow and see if it makes a difference.

    I have banned for life Google for Calendar use. Google sync has the nasty habit of doubling, tripling, etc. appointments when you have something ticked that shouldn't be, somewhere on one of your devices, and solving the duplicate problem is time-consuming to an extent that I don't tolerate.

    I want to avoid a solution that implies the use of Blackberry Desktop Manager... I wish for a calendar that is updated directly on the internet from either of my devices: main computer, portable computer, PlayBook or BB 9810. I'm getting close to that with Windows Live Calendar, as all my devices integrate it, but my most portable, the one I am sure to have on me, my phone!!!

    Maybe I just can't do it with a Live account. If I exclude Google, I'm left with... Yahoo? Gee, not another email address, I have enough! Can't believe Microsoft did not think us BB users might want to use their calendar as a main on their phone.

    As for my Outlook calendar, it's useless because I will be away from my desktop computer for a while. I really need a portable solution and wish I had it in my pocket. The PlayBook is too bulky for constant carrying...

    Thanks again for your concern! Will try uninstall and see how it goes.
    10-22-12 03:09 PM
  6. purple_bb's Avatar
    Doesn't work.

    Mad at Microsoft, of course!
    10-23-12 08:33 PM
  7. purple_bb's Avatar
    And back to google cal and dropped live at once. Microsoft lost an Outlook user there. Because of this dead end, not being able to feed my phone cal from live cal on the go, this is useless. My 9810 BB cal is now empty and I feed the gmail cal that is integrated to cal native app. No need to use desktop manager (why do that, hey, nowadays. Wire syncing??? No way!)

    When on a computer, I use Google cal instead of Outlook. So much for Microsoft

    I only synced live to gmail once to begin with, and will not do it again because duplicates is too big a risk for me.
    01-21-13 07:16 PM
  8. Len Carter's Avatar
    Microsoft has withheld full sync connectivity on their Live\Hotmail accounts because it would then offer enough productivity features to seriously ****** the sale of their premium application - Outlook. That's why Google offers it for free... "competition".
    01-25-13 01:51 PM
  9. purple_bb's Avatar
    Thanks Len! Glad to finally have an explanation.

    Well they lost me for using their Outlook, but I still depend the the rest of the Office Suite for work and study...
    01-25-13 10:12 PM
  10. go1ndr's Avatar
    This is an older post but the problem still remains for many. Can someone tell me what calendar applications you can sync a Blackberry (9810 in particular) to? Outlook of course but what else.

    My wife has a new Asus W8 laptop touch screen and would like to be able to have a calendar on it that BB can sync to, but does not want to have Outlook on it as she uses outlook on all her other computers and this is a fun laptop, not for business. But, she still needs her contacts that I moved over initially via Hotmail sync with MS Outlook. com account (not Windows Outlook 2007 with no issue) but it won't sync new contacts--and calendars-well forget that-though I did export her calendar to a CSV file and she opened a google calendar and imported from the file. Still you can no longer sync with outlook or that would be a walk in the park!

    So now the only option is to do a regular two-way sync with BBDM on her Torch as always, and then load BBDM on the new laptop and Sync contacts and calendar one-way to her laptop--only to what would we sync?? Since Outlook 2007 won't be on there, what other options do we have that we could use for a calendar and contacts to sync into on the laptop? Any ideas are really appreciated! Thanks!
    03-19-13 09:07 PM
  11. purple_bb's Avatar
    My knowledge of calendars is quite limited. I am pretty happy with Google Cal and Contacts, but there seems to be a problem with syncing contacts which I add on my phone in the gmail contact folder to my gmail contacts on the internet. I didn't have time to investigate that issue, but it hasn't caused me major problems yet.
    03-22-13 08:38 PM
  12. BB-Soldier's Avatar
    I am in similiar waters as well.

    I live out in the field often here at Fort Polk and like to keep my calendar up to date with events. I have several email accounts (hotmail, outlook.com, gmail, yahoo) and the only one that allows integrated calendar is the gmail. All my other email accounts only sync contacts and a two allow for sync of contacts and deleted items.

    With my gmail account I find I will have to from time to time uncheck the sync option for calendar, reboot my Torch, and then recheck the option to get events sync'd again.

    Not sure if my response here is helpful, but I can see your frustration as well since I have gone through the same thing you have.
    06-04-13 11:54 PM
  13. go1ndr's Avatar
    Wow-still no fix for this. One possibity you both can do if you haven't tried it already, is to download to your pc, the Outlook Connector from Microsoft's download center. It downloads a connector link that will work with the desktop Outlook program and the outlook.com email client.
    Once that is done, it loads a separate set of folders under your Outlook folder list on the left side of your program when open. Now--supposidly, you now have your Outlook calendar available to you on both programs. Once it is done, you can add (think one of you has) an Outlook.com email address/account to your torch. It should then show both email clients on your phone and the contacts and calendar are shared. That said, I haven't figured out how to sync the calendar and contacts using connector yet but I know it can be done. I'll do some checking into it to see what I find out. The purpose of the Connector was to do just that, sync between outlook and outlook.com accounts. Outlook.com is actually the old hotmail.com account and windows.live kind of combined together. So (I know its confusing) once you are set up with connector and an outlook.com account and setup on the phone, you can then go to your Outlook calendar and "publish it" as an internet calendar (only you and people you want can see it) and that will add it to your Outlook.com/Windows live account. I haven 't done it but I know it can be done. Contacts--that is a whole other issue!!!! You have to expport them as a csv file and then your windows live (outlook.com) will import them the first time-flawlessly. But once its imported I've found no way to sync it. It's a real issue but hopefully with some googling you can find it.
    I know the new BB!0 software syncs flawlessly with outlook.com ad exchange but they don't have the 2-way sync with outlook figured out yet either. Sorry but hope this helps a little. The forums are all over it from Google to Android to BB. Good luck!
    UPDATE: I forgot to mention that if you use the web calendar (once you have published your calendar in Outlook) whatever you add to either should show up on both outlook and the the web (outlook.com calendar). You just have to remember to make sure that the calendar you plublished to the internet (exported) has all of your calendar boxes checked that you want o view. For instance, I have a calendar published that is called "Jack's Calendar on outlook.com" So on my outlook calendar I have that additional calendar published and on the web calendar, I have both boxes checked (under the tool sprocket wheel) as well. You will just have to have both calendars open to view the appointments. Again, no idea on the contacts yet.
    Last edited by go1ndr; 06-05-13 at 05:58 PM.
    06-05-13 05:38 PM

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