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    Hi all. I have a Torch 9800 that I was using with a case I thought was designed for it since the magnet worked perfectly. Now I have a 9810 that I tried to use with the same case, but the screen will not turn off at all. If I insert the phone with the screen to the other side it will work. What I would like to know is, I thought at a hardware design the 9800 and 9810 were identical. Does this means that the magnet is in a different location? I would like to know since I would like to confirm if this is so, or if my phone is defective in this. Thanks!
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    08-16-13 01:57 PM
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    They are not the same! We had similar issues with the Storm and Storm2 models. Had to get all new accessories!
    08-16-13 03:39 PM
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    Hi. I figure it out what was the problem, and I will post what is going on in case someone has a similar problem, since there are a lot of forums with similar issues for the Torch, but most of them without a resolution. There might be four problems. First the phone will not go into standby when in holster, second the virtual keyboard will not appear when the physical keyboard is closed, third the screen will not auto rotate, and fourth if you have the option to lock the phone when the physical keyboard is closed enabled, the phone might sometimes go into standby when you press the Menu key. In almost all of the posts I read, the recommendation were battery pull, or os wipe and reinstall. But the problem is related to the magnets inside. If you have any of these problems just press the phone on the areas where the button to make and to end calls are (left and right at the same time). Test again and any of the above issues should be solved. This might be a temporary fix and you might need to do it a couple of times through the day. For a permanent fix you might need to open the phone, but I cannot give any particular recommendation in what to do inside since I haven't tested myself. This was my wife's phone, that I began using recently and even tough is only eight months old, she confessed to have dropped it just "a couple of times" so I guess this caused the issue. Hope someone finds this post helpful!
    08-19-13 08:24 AM

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