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    Like many of us, I saw all kinds of information, mis-information and guessing about using my Torch 9810 in Europe.

    After some online research, I decided that my best bet was to buy a SIM in Italy, getting an Italian number and data.

    When I was in Palermo, I went to a TIM store, one of their mobile carriers. I showed them my 9810 and told them I wanted a SIM card for it.

    The salesman's English was good enough. He told me that I could buy a prepaid SIM for Blackberry for 20 Euros, which would include 15 Euros for outbound calling. Inbound calls in most European countries, based upon my research, are free. Italy is one of those countries.

    The one twist is that Italy requires a positive form of ID to provide wireless access. WiFi hotspots are supposed to be the same way. This is an anti-terrorism law. Burner phones are covered by the same rules.

    I paid my 20 Euros and popped the SIM into my phone. It attached to their network. I got a password request from my device, so remember your BB ID and password. Then I got a registration message from BIS. Then the emails started pouring in.

    This influx of emails seemed to overwhelm the device. And TIM loads some kind of information app on the device. I rebooted the device a couple of times and that stabilized things.

    The network quality is not up to the quality of our network. The signals would vary between GPRS, 3G and H+ without any rhyme or reason.

    The "Unlimited" data is 256MB of 3G data then they throttle to 64K.

    I primarily used the phone for calling the states, .16 eurocents/minute. But if they called me back, it was free.

    I also used it for Google Maps, to navigate the unfamiliar territory in Palermo and Rome.

    This was very easy to do.
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    01-03-13 11:19 AM

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