1. Bocajrs0's Avatar
    I know im going to get heat for this post, but here i go. Has anyone been able to sucesfully tether BB Torch to an HP Touchpad

    I just couldnt resist the price and actually, WebOS tweaked to latest version and this thing overclocked to 1.5ghz runs very smooth.
    08-29-11 08:39 PM
  2. Lifestyles's Avatar
    i too would love to find a way to use my 9800 Torch tethered to my Touchpad...
    09-06-11 02:38 AM
  3. izzybob's Avatar
    I've not tried it but supposedly, installing PDANet on the Blackberry may let you do this.
    10-17-11 02:36 PM
  4. Bocajrs0's Avatar
    HP recently released update 3.0.4 to TP. I was able to connect my Torch via Bluetooth to TP, but still trying to figure out how to tether.
    10-19-11 08:54 AM
  5. fatclue_98's Avatar
    Sorry guys, the relationship between the Touchpad and the Torch is limited to send & receive phone calls and SMS. The TP does not have DUN in its BT profiles and we're all still waiting for hotspot capabilities on BB. Because the Torch is one of the very few devices that carries the messaging access profile (MAP) it can serve as a gateway to the TP. Can't see anybody using a phone as big as a TP, but it sure is a breeze to type SMS. Works great though, I've been using it since 3.0.4 came out.
    10-24-11 08:13 PM
  6. Steveborough's Avatar
    I'm coming over from PreCentral where i posted this to no resolve but i am not able to send SMS messages from my TouchPad through my paired Curve 9330. I am able to make/receive calls and receive SMS messages but I cannot send. Is there anything (eg. a new MAP profile) i can download to my BB to fix this? Thanks
    10-26-11 02:21 PM