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    As you may know from the following thread, my 9810 was bricked and can't be revived. I am selling it on ebay right now for parts, please feel free to check it out by searching for "Bricked BlackBerry 9810 Grey" on ebay.


    Not sure if this is against CB policy, if it is, please feel free to remove this thread.

    12-29-12 03:10 PM
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    Often the bricked phones may be good for the plastic casing/shell only. If it sustained any water damage the electronics would likely be toast (no way to confirm either if any components are good or not).

    I have a disassembled Torch in my basement from a friend who dropped it in a pool. Nothing could bring it back to life. Maybe some of the molded plastic shell can be used, maybe the keyboard, but all of the electronics is suspect since one cannot tell how much damage the water did and to what parts.

    I keep it around in case my own Torch goes wonky but I am not confident if any of it is good. Just be sure to tell the buyers in your eBay listing how it got bricked so they know what they are buying.

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    12-31-12 08:51 PM

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