1. lid313's Avatar
    Hello, currently I'm using BlackBerry 9810 with a Prepaid BIS for (SGD)$20 per month. 1GB of Local Data. I'm wondering whether the Z10 will also support this kind of BIS. I've read posts about the BIS for Z10. But all were about Postpaid. So I really am hoping for answers can the Z10's BBM, Internet, Email etc thing be functioning using Prepaid BIS. Thanks!
    02-24-13 08:41 AM
  2. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    As long as the service has a data bucket included it will be able to browse. And as the plan would include the BB APN access, BBM will work. BUT, best test would be to try it. Should also note that as browsing no longer goes through the BIS, there is no compression so you may want to pay close attention to the overall usage.

    I dont have a Z10 or use prepaid, but from the posts here would suggest that it will work just fine.
    02-24-13 08:49 AM

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