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    I downloaded this new OS upgrade (I'm with Bell Canada) yesterday, and I am very impressed with the improved performance of my 9810. All of my apps work so much faster and smoother now as well as the web browser, and even re booting. My question is, is this noticeable performance improvement because of the new OS bundle itself, or because of the re-installation, the phone is clean from excess 'junk files' that accumulates over usage and time, which allows it to operate more efficiently (like a PC). I ask this because the last few months, performance has been lagging, and I'm wondering if I should be doing some maintenance tasks to keep it running smoothly as possible. I was longing for a new device, but now it almost feels like a new phone again

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    12-02-12 01:57 PM
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    The OS probably helped to some extent, but I find that occasionally restarting the device helps clear various temporary files from the memory to keep it running smoothly. And if you have any apps that you don't use but have kept around, get rid of them. If I had a penny for every person I've met who downloaded a boatload of useless apps onto their BlackBerry and then complained to me about its performance, I'd be filthy rich.
    12-02-12 02:24 PM
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    This build from Bell Canada is the same build as the .746 build from Cincinnati Bell with maybe newer codes. These .746 (2108 bundle) builds seem to be very fast and more solid than previous upgrades. They also seem to be free of the mic issues in the .4xx/.5xx builds. You should use your memory cleaner (search line>memory cleaner) (add to home page) to clean your memory on a regular basis. Can you post a link for this new upgrade please. Thanks!
    12-02-12 02:36 PM
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    Thanks for the input. With respect to apps on my phone, I do add new ones occasionally, but I do delete apps if I don't use them after awhile. I checked yesterday and still have over half of my device memory available. I suppose that it has more to do with the how much RAM each app uses. I also like to monitor which apps are currently running, and close those I'm not using. Because of this I'm beginning to think it is because of the new upgrade, although I can't seem to find anything official from RIM that states what the 'enhancements are to the OS'.
    I initially downloaded the upgrade from Options/Device/Software Upgrades. But after trying to install, an error occurred and instructed me to install it via Blackberry Desktop. It will automatically detect the new software update for your device. So I would recommend that you install it via BD, although you will be prompted to install the latest version if you don't already have it.

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    12-02-12 05:27 PM
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    Hi Bruins--You should always upgrade via either BB DM or AppLoader which is the installer of choice by most of us on here. I asked if you could post it so others could have the link to download but if it was via an internal prompt by your carrier, that isn't possible without going into a lot of tech stuff to copy and paste the download. I'm currently running the same version via Cincinnati Bell and there is also a UTS version available on here. I'm glad you got it up and running and the more you use it the more you will like it. Much better battery life and faster, well everything is faster-LOL!
    12-02-12 07:59 PM

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