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    After a while playing it from the speakerphone it seems to crap out. Just stops playing any media what so ever. Doing a playback test fails too.

    Rebooting it fixes it, but until a reboot, any kind of audio output with the mediaplayer, comes up as playback failed.

    Pandora I think still works fine tho.
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    04-17-12 08:13 AM
  2. ljfong's Avatar
    Hmm, I notice the same problem too on my Torch 9810 on OS, however, this seems to happen only after the phone has not been restarted for a day or more. BerryBuzz/BeBuzz seemed to make the problem happen more often if you use custom sound profile for specific BBM contacts. My developer gut feeling tells me that there is some sort of queue/resource deadlock problem with the media player code that only occurs over a prolonged period of time.

    The media player problem never happened with (stock AT&T). However, for me was true battery drain for no good reason, and the browser occasionally -- more often that I would like -- quit by itself when trying to render a complex web page. According to the posts I read in the forum, the browser problem was caused by consuming too much memory. Both battery drain and browser problem no longer occurs with, so I guess I am trading 2 problems away for 1 with the upgrade. One much less severe problem that happens rarely. I can live with that. The quest for "perfect" OS is never ending.

    Can anyone else with or latest 7.1 leak chime in?
    04-27-12 11:19 PM
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    I just got the 9810 this weekend, ad 9800 previously. When I skip a certain amount of songs I get this issue too. I removed the apps I added still happened, only thing that gets the sound back on is a battery pull. I did the update to when I got home with phone it worked fine that night but not the night after. I also did a hard reset and now gonna go back to store where I got it to see what they can do or return it and just stay with my 9800 torch.
    12-03-12 11:26 AM
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    well did a few things and even formatted memory card still having issues so going back to return phone and go back to 9800 torch.
    12-03-12 01:53 PM
  5. Mecca EL's Avatar
    well did a few things and even formatted memory card still having issues so going back to return phone and go back to 9800 torch.
    Why didn't you just update the OS? .746 is the latest.
    12-04-12 06:56 PM
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    For the record, I had this too on my carrier's official release occasionally (Mobilicity .378) and the only fix was a battery pull and hard reboot but I just upgraded to a new OS release (.746) and I am hoping it fixes this problem. I haven't tried too hard to "mess it up" yet as I JUST installed the new OS last night and haven't had time to listen to music yet. But if it happens, I'll report back...

    I do not like the BlackBerry Media player...too many steps to exit the app fully. Having separate apps for Music and Now Playing are irritating too. Also, not being able to play by folder irritates me also.
    12-11-12 11:04 AM