01-16-13 11:30 AM
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  1. deltact's Avatar
    Haven't kept track, but probably a month. It usually gets restarted because of AdvOS-LED or other app updates, rather than memory issues or lockups. That said, I can never understand what the "Other" category of storage memory that doesn't seem to decrease after a restart. The rebooting doesn't solve the occasional hourglassing, but that might be due to .694 rather than memory. I notice that the browser seems to close open tabs when I have too many open (typically more than 7-8 tabs), perhaps to free memory.
    01-08-13 01:27 AM
  2. SparkyBC's Avatar
    Mines been running 7 months and no battery pulls. Keep the crap apps off it works fine.
    01-08-13 02:16 AM
  3. Emmanuel Malho's Avatar
    I do pulls at 30MB+ memory leak. That's about 26-30h for me.
    01-16-13 11:30 AM
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