1. Lucania's Avatar

    I am having some problems with my Blackberry and Gmail Contact Sync


    I have decided to move away from Outlook to Gmail due to the fact that everything syncs automatically (rather then Outlook that requires DTM and a cable)
    The problem is that my Calenders sync perfectly and immediately however only a small amount of my contact sync from my BB to Gmail and by the looks of it only the recent added contacts that I added to my BB

    I have made fake contacts on both BB and Gmail and they were synced fine but no such luck for my older entries

    I have done the basics:
    enabled wireless sync.
    I have checked that under advance settings > Default services is the right gmail address (CICAL, SYNC & CMIME)
    I have checked under email setup > email accounts > email account > edit > sync options - that calender contacts & deleted items are checked

    I also had some duplicates due to the FB app and the fb contact (cant remember the name) enabled Dont know if this might be the problem?

    Also I am on BIS (not using google sync, it is anyway discontinued)

    Any help would really be appreciated I am at wits end

    01-05-13 10:35 AM
  2. Crowezine's Avatar
    A good idea may be to remove your sim, and then reset your phone to default. If you leave your sim in, it can mess it up. Then; put your sim back in, wait for BIS to connect, and then add your email again. It should sync automatically.
    01-05-13 10:44 AM
  3. Lucania's Avatar
    thank you

    I have tried to take out the battery but not the SIM I will quickly give it a try

    Also do you think , if it works the update will happen immediately ?

    also how do i reset to default?
    01-05-13 10:50 AM

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