1. stressedbymytorch's Avatar
    I have a BB Torch 9810
    1st the back and menu buttons stopped working which was soo annoying, then the button cover came off but getting used to them problems (although if there is a fix for the buttons please help)
    Now i try and do a software update to 7.4 or something (i'm not good with technology) and it stopped at 13% of the backup process (at about 2am) around 7am it was still the same so i took the battery out for a couple of hours and put it back in (hoping it would have cancelled) but it had gone down to 7%
    Tried plugging it in to my laptop to see if there was a way to stop it using Blackberry Desktop Software but it wont connect!
    I love my phone and realllllllly dont want to send it in for repair because i have most of my contacts on bbm.
    I dont mind the buttons not working for now as long as i can get it off this stupid software update........PLEASE someone help !!!!!!
    11-05-12 05:49 AM
  2. hasa77's Avatar
    u can buy the buttons and front cover on ebay. installing the front buttons will be long and hard and best to get a shop To do it if u lack experience. regarding the software, just connect it and wipe it with bbsak and reinstall software
    11-07-12 06:01 PM

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