1. buzzinhornets's Avatar
    Long story short, dropped my 9900 in water. Needed replacement asap, so went to arab cell trader store in mississauga got a 9810 cheap. Upon reboot, no bell, rogers logo, just rim logo with 'for engineering use only...' Didn't think anything of it. But, noticed my browser was slower than my 9900. Just looked at my wife's 9810... On the Version screen, her's says 3G/H+, mine says 3G. On homescreen, her's on rogers is H+, mine on bell is 3G.
    Is my 'engineering' model missing an HSPA radio???
    02-15-13 08:09 PM
  2. deltact's Avatar
    Hmmmm. I don't think the hardware would be any different. Since you have an "engineering use only" model, why not poke around the engineering screens and see if HSPA+ was turned off?

    Just be careful what you do in there...don't want to turn a phone with a slow browser into a brick.
    02-16-13 02:49 AM

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