1. Skywalker_fakih's Avatar
    on at&t we cant choose the netword mode (2g/3g) and 2g only in os7.1 builds !
    i have 8% drain every hour !
    that wont last half a days
    i was wondering what people are using right now to stop the battery drain
    my phone keeps changing from 2g , 3g ..
    wich drains the battery quickly , any suggestions guys ?
    08-29-12 01:00 PM
  2. go1ndr's Avatar
    Delete the two (2) vendor.xml files from your PC, and download the 7.1.378 OS version from Mobilicity. Then reboot your PC. Once it's downloaded and PC is rebooted, make a backup of phone using BB Desktop Manager/backup, and then click update. Zero issues, great battery life and no problems! Best build out there for 9810! Good Luck The original link to the download from BB/Mobilicity is:
    08-29-12 02:22 PM
  3. newcollector's Avatar
    The fact that your phone keeps switching indicates a network connection issue. Signal strength fluctuations affect your battery life. As suggested, download .378 and see if it resolves your signal issues. ATT has a MicroCell for sale that works very well. You can find it on their website. It can make poor reception really good, but it is a stationary fix. You can find more out here:

    08-29-12 04:21 PM
  4. go1ndr's Avatar
    Agreed, the MicroCell is very good. I use one in our home which as poor reception as we are close to a Verizon site. Also correct that you can't leave the location where it is at (home or office) as once you are out of range, it goes back to normal reception-good or bad.
    08-29-12 04:37 PM
  5. toffy_lahlah's Avatar
    I've installed 7.1.378 OS version from Mobilicity but still I can't switch to a desired network on my at&t torch 9810
    03-08-13 04:07 AM
  6. Phly_kid's Avatar
    The switching to a desired network is network dependent so if the network you are with dont give it as an option then you wont. I've had to live without the 2G only option and instead of choosing 2g/3g option i chose 3g only.
    03-08-13 01:45 PM
  7. go1ndr's Avatar
    Wow-old thread! Correct, the options change based on carrier and location. If you have 3g or H+ (ATT) and you are only in a 3G area, that is all you will get. I live in So CA and you'd think we have a cell site on every corner--which we kind of actually do--but that in and of itself causes a problem with reception as you often jump between carrier sites. I have excellent H+ (like kind of like 4G) in front of my house, but in my house for some reason, I have terrible coverage and have to use a AT&T MicroCell (mentioned by newcolletor above) to boost my reception or it shows the dreaded "EDGE". It all depends on where you are and in my case, it's because I live on a golf course that has an electronic weather gage on the same fairway and a Verizon site a block away . Nothing can be done but use the MicroCell which works fairly well.
    03-08-13 04:14 PM