1. chucklebutte's Avatar
    Was given a pair of Beats by Dre, I believe they are the "Studio" edition? Well either way they work beautiful on my PC but makes a beeping noise on my Torch 9810. Plug in headphones and they start beeping, phone does not detect them and plays audio through the speaker on the phone. I have tried unplugging and plugging back in, having them off when I plug them in and turning them on, used both red and black cords... And it all results in the same thing, beeping...

    Not sure what to do...
    12-27-12 12:16 PM
  2. BENZ_O's Avatar
    Try to reboot your phone and try again.
    12-27-12 12:54 PM
  3. chucklebutte's Avatar
    Did reboot, put new batteries in headphones, I even called the company and talked to customer support. According to them they have never heard of this before, apparently I am that lucky. Their advice: Buy new pair of Beats or buy an iPhone, I said you lost a customer and will be returning the headphones. I would love to keep them but if they wont work on my phone, the box says they do, and if the company's only advice is to purchase an inferior phone then no thanks!
    12-27-12 01:03 PM
  4. chucklebutte's Avatar
    Headphones work beautifully on Dev Alpha B.... So lame, maybe hold on to them till Jan 30th...
    12-27-12 01:09 PM
  5. BENZ_O's Avatar
    Thats weird. I have had the same problem when i plugged them into my bold 9900, I was getting a beeping noise. I dont remember exactly what i did, but i did something along the lines of turning it off and then on on the headphone itself, unplug and replug in. turn phone off and turn it back on. I have the studio ones. It should work!
    12-27-12 02:37 PM
  6. chucklebutte's Avatar
    Tried that before as well, got it to stop beeping, play audio beeping starts...
    12-27-12 02:55 PM
  7. BENZ_O's Avatar
    Well, keep fooling around with it, try every possible route u can think of, try listening to it on ur pc, then plug out and plug into the phone with out turning it off.

    Try rebooting the phone but keep the headphones plugged in with the power on...if u havent tried..

    Worse comes to worse, try to exchange ur phones for another pair...
    12-27-12 03:03 PM
  8. troshs's Avatar
    Their advice: Buy new pair of Beats or buy an iPhone, I said you lost a customer and will be returning the headphones. I
    Of course, gotta push iPhone even if yours is just the wrong color...ugh....companies please get over the iPhone already!

    Anyways, just noticed this post (sorry, I think it may be too out of date) mine did this the other day with the Blackberry brand headphones that came with the Torch 9800, with the mic built in and everything...was walking down the road listening to my techno music and went to change tracks and then for the rest of that day, the headphones wouldn't work....if I plugged em in the phone would endlessly beep and the speaker and headphones volume would alternate popping up. Couldn't even listen to my music the rest of the way to where I was going. It stunk.
    01-09-13 11:45 AM
  9. 91300zx's Avatar
    Are they bluetooth? Maybe bluetooth has to be off if not.
    01-09-13 10:28 PM
  10. troshs's Avatar
    Mine aren't, just the wired ones with the mic built in. As for the OP, are any Beats headphones even bluetooth? I don't recall seeing any.
    01-10-13 02:49 PM
  11. Andrew4life's Avatar
    Earphones beep when they connect. If you have bluetooth earphones, you would know that the earphones beep at the first connect. Wired earphones likely have something similar.
    The problem likely lies in the connection somewhere. The phone is trying to connect but is not getting the correct resistance in the line. I had this happen to a pair of earphones I accidentally put through the washer and dryer. The headphone jack of my earphones were bent, so the tiniest movement would disconnect the earphone and I'd hear a "beep".

    Try spinning the headphone jack around to make sure you have a good connection. Personally this only happened due to a pair of earphones as I mentioned, that went through the wash and dryer.

    It could be that the particular pair of earphones doesn't like that particular earphone jack. So get different earphones for your phone and use the earphones for your laptop or something else.

    IMO, Beats by Dr Dre earphones are not that great in the first place.
    01-10-13 09:32 PM
  12. reedacus25's Avatar
    I think what is likely happening is mismatched TRS.

    Traditionally a 1/8" or 3.5mm head phone jack is TRS which is to say Tip, Ring, Sleeve. In a mono audio device there is just Tip and Sleeve. In these particular scenarios, Tip is your left audio channel, and Ring is your right audio channel, and the sleeve is the common/ground.

    When smart phones came around, everyone scrambled to put a second ring in there to get a microphone/control channel. This is effectively TRRS.

    The problem with this is two fold,
    1. Everyone came up with their own TRRS. Nokia may use Tip for their Mic channel, where as Apple uses R2, and RIM uses R1. Thats a bit exagerated but not everyone adheared to the "Apple standard"
    2. Some devices aren't TRRS compatible and the R2 makes contact in place of the sleeve.

    Here is a basic picture of the idea I am talking about. Tip being the tip or outermost, sleeve being the long last contact point up the base of the jack.
    Beats by Dre makes beeping noises on Torch 9810-ipod_and_iphone_audio_plugs.jpg

    The left being an old fashioned iPod earphone set, the right being the earbuds bundled with the iPhone. I don't know really what pin should go where, I just have an idea that they are sending the wrong signals to the wrong pins.

    On my old Symbian devices I couldn't use iDevice headsets because the pins were not the same, and could not use it for audio or talking. Very frustrating but it is what it is, a non-standardized standard.
    01-11-13 11:17 PM

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