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    A few days ago I just got my second BB Torch 9810 and it worked totaly fine but as I wanted to reinstall all the apps I got an error 910. If I try to download e.g. WhatsApp via the browser it suddenly can't connect with the internet anymore. My last BB hat the same problem that I wasn't able to connect with the network and go online. And that's why I'm not able to update to OS 7.1

    Does anybody know how to fix these bugs?

    (sorry for my bad English, but there are no supportwebsites in my country)
    05-25-14 11:00 AM
  2. kbz1960's Avatar
    Hi. From I find it seems your phone has an IT policy on it. This might work? Got it from another site.

    There is a method you can use to remove the IT policy using the official RIM loader.exe application. This is a much cleaner method & leaves NO trace of ANY IT POLICY.

    You need to ensure you have Blackberry Desktop Manager installed & also have the latest device software installed for your device.

    Desktop software and device software are available here: BlackBerry - Desktop & Device Software Download Sites for BlackBerry users - US

    You will need to select your carrier from the list in your region.


    If there is anything important on your device, please back up using the "ADVANCED" function on Backup/Restore in desktop manager.

    I suggest you backup only what you need, ie SMS, Contacts etc. Please note that you can actually backup the IT policy, so if you do this, when you restore the backup to your device, the IT policy you had just removed will be restored on the device (FAIL!)

    If you are unsure how to backup your device via the advanced method, please PM me and I can walk you through.

    Please ensure that your device is plugged into your PC via USB if you chose to skip the backup, if you hadnty plugged it in already.

    After you have done the backup, you will need to open a command prompt on your PC, by going to Start -> Run, typing in cmd and pressing enter.

    In the command prompt, you will need to locate the Apploader folder, provided you have a C drive, it will be located at:

    C:\program files\common files\research in motion\apploader

    (the command you would use is cd \program files\common files\research in motion\apploader)

    You will then type in (without the quotes) "loader.exe /resettofactory"

    The device will then proceed to wipe itself and then restart.

    All that is left after your device has started back up is to restore your personal data :smileyhappy:

    Let me know how you go :smileyhappy:

    05-25-14 11:38 AM

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