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    my issue is that everytime I went to a concert the only thing I got from the videos was the video and the sound was so horrible that you could not even recognize what song it was. So is there any alternative app for recording video or some kind of stuff? I am going to a gig on thursday and really want to have some videos from it but they don't let you go inside with camera.

    I am using 9810 on .746 btw

    thank you guys
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    11-27-12 03:11 PM
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    Something like this works great.


    Also these guys make some really nice stuff with custom options to suit your needs, and the mics are compact.

    USB Microphone, Stereo Microphone, Preamplifier, Digital Recorder, Custom Cables and more at Rock Bottom Prices from The Sound Professionals - Great deals on Microphone, Preamplifier, Digital Recorder, Cable and more!

    Either way your sound will be more Camcorder like.
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