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    Well just received the 9900 trackpad I ordered from truesupplier, after tearing apart my 9810 and swapping the trackpads(my dumba*s didnt look at the plugs the first time), and putting it all back together. The trackpad from the 9900 did not work at all or light up for that matter.

    After taking it back apart to swap back in the original part I took a few minutes to inspect the 2 side by side. The 9900 trackpad is identical except for the plug itself. It is slightly smaller(still plugged in tight to the connector), and the contacts are on the reverse side. Also the 9900 trackpad's pins are smaller and there are more then on the 9810.

    My guess would be that the 9810 we have seen with lighted trackpad's have the same connector as the 9900 has, and the production models have the same internals(connectors and basic hardware) as its predecessor the 9800.

    just glad it didn't cost an arm and a leg(18$) to find out. On a side note I have a spare 99xx lighted trackpad if anyone is interested.
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    10-21-11 06:41 PM
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    Thank you friend. That perfectly clarifies why we can't get lighted trackpads on 9810. But I think RIM could have easily change the connector on 9810 from the beginning if it was not costing rocket to them. Its not a big deal at all, but couldn't it be a good idea to distinguish all OS 7 devices with glowing trackpads from earlier ones in terms of hardware specs ?? Why only 9810 left out ??

    Please posts some pics of both trackpads if you can.


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    10-21-11 10:16 PM
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    Please posts some pics of both trackpads if you can.
    I'll see what I can do, but really don't feel like pulling my 9810 back apart. Maybe I'll take my 9800 apart to compare.
    10-22-11 10:06 AM
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    The top layer came off of my 9810, so I would have loved the swap to get the light up version - but it doesn't exsist yet
    02-03-12 07:20 PM
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    i am going to hijack your thread really quick here, on a scale from 1-10 1 being super easy and 10 being this, how hard is it to take the torch apart and reassemble it?

    my after i got my torch my gf went and got herself one too, she likes it white and all but purple is her favorite color and i saw the housing on amazon purple for about 35 bucks, but idk if i can out it back together. lol.
    02-06-12 01:17 AM
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    Oh man, an hour's worth of curiosity has just been squished concerning the use of the 9900 trackpad in other trackpad BlackBerry devices... It would be super novel to have that white ring on my 9100. I understand it wouldn't behave the same way, concerning the independent fade and illumination, but I would be giddy just to have it in sync with the rest of the keyboard.

    So then in theory, the only thing preventing it from working is the fact that the contacts are upside down? I've been looking very closely at images, and while I do see where the contact points are narrower, the positioning and number of points appear to be the same. If I wasn't afraid to ruin a perfectly good part and/or phone, I would do a bit of micro-tinkering... I wonder if there are any diagrams out there for these trackpads.
    03-29-12 02:10 AM