1. scott2575's Avatar
    Please help! I recently upgraded to a 9810 and for the most part love it, however I cannot download mp4's (of any size, from any website) it just shows "error" in the download bar. My previous BB was a curve (much lower spec) and I never had any issues downloading mp4s!
    02-09-13 06:56 AM
  2. go1ndr's Avatar
    Downloadl them to iTunes and then do a media sync via USB / BBDM and it should sync them.
    02-09-13 11:57 AM
  3. rgshah3's Avatar
    There is a problem with the site you are downloading from. Nothing with your phone
    02-09-13 02:20 PM
  4. go1ndr's Avatar
    Rgshah3 could be right. Maybe try another site or a torrent site. Once you are able to download them to a folder, drag to iTunes and do a media sync with your phone/BBDM. I don't download music, mostly copy from CD's or if someone sends me one. I have about 7500+ songs in a folder on my PC and don't have the time now to look through them-lol.
    02-11-13 07:01 PM

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