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    Here's my lame story.
    Bought a used AT&T Torch 9810 quite a few months back - used - and all was fine until one day the thing would lock up.
    In the end it freezes once it finds a network to connect to (won't freeze when there is no SIM card or it cannot find a network) and it didn't occur to me until later on that the water ingress sticker under the battery was removed

    Obviously I was 'too late' since I don't know how or when the phone came in contact with water but I was wondering if there were any possible way for me to at least try to repair it. Pulled the mainboard out and it looks it could be repairable if it were cleaned (clean it with what though?)

    Unfortunately I have sold or are selling my BB's (incl my recent 9320) so if worse comes to worse I'll settle for the Bold 9000 once again.

    Edit: of course after I post, the thing starts working - sort of - out of about 5 battery pulls I've managed to get it to boot without freezing and connect to a network twice. No wifi or BT though. So I still think it could be repaired. And it doesn't bother me to try since it'll just be recycled otherwise
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    11-11-12 07:23 AM
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    You must have bought your phone from a non-reputable source. The problem with water damaged phones is their behavior is so unpredictable. You never know when or what will be messed-up. Frankly, you have a purchased nice paper weight. You might be better off cutting your financial losses and save your time and effort. Just buy used from a reputable source with a return policy.
    11-13-12 10:35 AM

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