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    My 9810 suddenly died and when i took out and battery and reinserted it again, it got stuck on the boot screen for more than 1 hour. its partially loaded and won't move. Did battery pull 3 times and still partially loads till the same place and then just stuck.

    Please help!!
    11-24-11 05:09 AM
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    try reloading or updating the OS to see if that fixes it.
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    11-24-11 06:00 AM
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    how do i reload or update the os? sorry I'm not very good with tech!! hahah
    11-24-11 06:02 AM
  4. anon(2325196)'s Avatar
    Download the latest version of 9810 handheld software here:


    OR here:


    Once downloaded, install it onto your computer. Obviously make sure you also have blackberry desktop manager installed as well.
    Now either search your C drive, including all hidden files and folders, for files called "vendor.xml" - once the search is complete, delete all instances of the results. Or, manually navigate to these locations and delete each "vendor.xml" file you find:

    C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader

    C:\Users\Me\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader

    C:\Users\Me\AppData\Roaming\Research In Motion (check each folder)

    Search for and delete all "vendor.xml" files found in the above 3 locations, or from your C drive search results prior to updating your operating system using "apploader.exe" found here ->C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader <-.
    Launch "apploader.exe", then connect your 9810 to the computer without it's battery, once the pin shows up in "apploader" drop down menu, you should click next to proceed.
    If everything worked like it did for me, twice, on my own 9810, then you will be able to install the operating system and fix your phone.

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    11-24-11 06:21 AM
  5. anon(2325196)'s Avatar
    if you don't download the latest os, but follow the steps otherwise, then apploader will try and download and install a barebones, so the best bet is to for sure download the latest, at the links provided
    11-24-11 06:24 AM
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    will i lose my data?
    11-24-11 06:32 AM
  7. uncltom's Avatar
    Yes you will... I had this problem when I upgraded and deleted too many .cods from my load. Here is what to expect...

    Plug in the phone (stuck at the startup screen) with Desktop manager open and it will tell you that it cant connect... You have to option to cancel, retry or reload. Unfortunately because it wont connect, it wont backup. I already had a backup to go to when I upgraded the OS so this was not the same problem you have now.

    Try BBSAK (BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife) and see if this can backup your phone. This doesnt work all that well with Windows 7 though. Use it on XP if you can.

    For Windows 7 try BBMCP (BlackBerry Master Control Program) and see if this will backup your phone.
    11-24-11 10:53 PM