1. IceDigger's Avatar
    I have 2 Zimbra Exchange accounts that I use a lot. One for Business and one for Personal stuff. I use both calendars and contact lists a lot.

    I just sold my windows phone and went to a bb 9810. The windows phone was able to handle both no problem with the emails, calendars, tasks, and notes. How do I attempt this on my Blackberry?
    01-12-13 02:05 PM
  2. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    BB 10 might allow multiple exchange accounts using active sync, however as it is on OS 6 and 7, as I recall you can only have multiple OWA accounts set to deliver Email. Your calenders, contacts and notes will not be synced. You might be able to locate a third party application to do this for you, but with stock apps, not gonna be possible.
    01-12-13 05:47 PM

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