1. olliegrl's Avatar
    There used to be tons out there for decent, free blackberry themes.

    anyone know any good ones for torch?
    11-19-10 04:31 PM
  2. xoxMiss CEOxox's Avatar
    I'm with you. I just started a similar thread myself. If you find anything please share!
    11-21-10 11:48 AM
  3. reubenn's Avatar
    Agreed, this is ridiculous. Yes, i know some themes should be premium but what happened to free? look at any other phone's forum, so much more themes wow.
    11-21-10 12:31 PM
  4. olliegrl's Avatar
    yeah i feel like over half the themes on here are premium...and i'm sorry...i don't have the cash to spend on 3 brand new themes that cost me $20. :/
    11-21-10 09:27 PM
  5. lenababyy's Avatar
    I guess the flattery of everyone lovin' and rockin' your design isn't good enough anymore
    11-29-10 12:15 PM
  6. cmtangoe's Avatar
    lmao....I am still just laughing over the tons of posts that say 'free' in the title, and then the person changed their mind and started charging for it. I dont know...I guess that I'm just over it. We all spent between $100-$200 for our phones (or more if you are not lucky), and bought all of this hardware, and now we are no longer cool enough to share our works with the insiders. There are a few really good free themes out there- so many props to the ones that released some totally decent work!
    11-29-10 01:48 PM