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    Hi folks,

    As some of you may already know, recently we started a new sister company called Strapped to a Meteor to expend into the gaming world. I realize that if it weren’t for your support, we wouldn’t have gotten where we are today and so as theme enthusiasts and more important, our fans, I’m seeking your input; your ideas and suggestions for our team and what you’d like to see happen next.

    We intend to build games for multiple platforms including Android, iOS and BlackBerry. However, our starting point will be iOS (simply for better porting feasibilities).

    Our goal is quite simple actually – make kick a$$ games with kick a$$ graphics; same rule applied when building themes We want to make sick (aka great looking) games otherwise it’s just no fun for us.

    Sooo…with that being said, many of you have been a big part of our company and even though Strapped to a Meteor won’t be making themes, I still feel like there’s a lot we can learn from you to help us grow, serve you better and gain tons of valuable feedback on what you’d like to see in the coming months.

    Our idea is to build a few simple games in the beginning just to get our feet wet and then jump into something a bit more exciting.

    What are your thoughts? If there’s anything on your mind, concerns, questions, please do share!

    PS: Elecite will continue to run without any changes and will continue to build themes.

    Oh and if you’d like to see our progress or chat with us, please join Strapped to a Meteor crew on Facebook and Twitter we’re on there A LOT!
    02-08-11 07:29 PM