1. makaveli95's Avatar
    Right.. I really like the standard theme, but would like it so that when i press the menu key the list of apps pops up and not the side menu 'open tray' thing. Can this be done?
    11-21-10 01:51 PM
  2. Jleeblanch's Avatar
    The so-called "BlackBerry Button" in most custom themes does just that...brings you to the "App Screen" versus opening a menu of some sort. But I don't believe you can make it do that using the "BlackBerry 6" layout option in theme builder. Unless I missed the option for that keys behavior, I dunno.

    I think you'd have to completely recreate the standard OS 6 theme in Composer and then choose to do a "Custom" layout in Theme Builder to get that to happen.

    Don't quote me on any of this because I'm not 100% sure.

    Now, I have been working on my own custom version of the standard "OS 6" theme using the "BlackBerry 6" layout option and I still get the "menu" when I press the "BB Button" on the Home Screen... So I assume what I said above I not far off the truth because most all of the custom themes I've used, pressing the "BB Button" (when on the Home Screen) only brings you to the App Screen, it doesn't bring up a menu!

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    11-21-10 04:29 PM