1. yaji617's Avatar
    Is the 9800 conpatiable with another model for themes? I have 2 themes I adore on my 9700 and would like to find something similar for my 9800.

    Any good sites to recommend free themes?
    12-08-10 12:29 PM
  2. VeryBold's Avatar
    Check the Themes forum here on Crackberry: BlackBerry Torch 9800 Themes
    You can also check my website for free 9800 themes: Karens BlackBerry Themes
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    12-08-10 12:32 PM
  3. NoahFecks's Avatar
    To answer your question, the answer is no, themes for any other device are not compatible with the 9800. You would need to find new 9800 themes, but be aware that the theme builder software everyone is using is still beta and has limited capabilities, resulting in themes which contain bugs and/or limited functionalities.
    12-08-10 12:44 PM