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    Over the past month of so there has been a serious increase in the number of free themes for our Torch. To those of you that are developing them, I wanted to say thank you. Many of us are limited or unable to buy themes even though we truly respect the work that goes into them.

    Today we can choose from some amazing theme options ranging from the G-Droid series, to the AKStock_II to the SuperTilt to the Vertiberry and Merdian. These are quality themes that have improved the functionality and fun of our devices and they come from the hard work of developers who are giving of their time and talent.

    I say thank you to all of you (including those who I may not have referenced, not done intentionally, just listed the ones I have). Your work is appreciated and celebrated.

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    02-04-11 06:42 AM
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    I agree 100%! The generosity of a lot of themebuiders (and other supporters) keeps this side alive and makes the decisive difference to other sides and let BlackBerry User become outstanding! Its nearly a philosophy, an ideal in appreciation of the untypical way of life of Mike Lazaridis...

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    02-04-11 07:39 AM
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    It was quite disappointing previously when you look up in this forum and find most of the themes were premium. I guess the guy who started a thread asking why no one is contributing free ones moved some theme developers to 'donate' some of their creations to poor us.
    Now, its more fun looking into this forum.
    To those kind theme developers...a big THANKS to you....God bless you all.

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    02-04-11 07:42 AM
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    Ditto!! And also ur welcome! I've only made a few, but I didn't charge for them. I'm not a perfectionist, but some of the themes I purchased still wasn't what I was looking for and had bugs or something just wasn't right i.e....date, signal meter, or notification area. But there are some out there that are great!

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    02-04-11 09:37 AM
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    Please keep this thread at or near the top - add your comments and your thanks to those developing free themes.
    02-04-11 09:53 AM
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    Totally agree. Now using b black or the L theme!

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    02-04-11 10:01 AM
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    I agree and thank you guys as well for all your hard work on free themes...I know it hasnt been easy with Theme Builder being in beta for so long and I know the headaches you have gotten just to try to make us free themes. Also thanks for all the customizations and help.
    You free themers ROCK.
    Using N, Clear, L, 18 and Curve's iphone theme...
    02-04-11 10:39 AM
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    Ha, now I feel like a tool for not making Vertiberry free too.

    Oh well.... Sorry I guess
    02-04-11 10:45 AM
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    Thanks to all the thermers who have offered free themes to us, it is very much appreciated but everyone that travels through this forum everyday, some of us several times a day :]
    02-04-11 11:08 AM
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    When I was a Newbie (beginning with my bold9000) I was a sponger and parasite...I've downloaded nearly everything with free OTA-link... Its seems to be a normal process and development, cause a BlackBerry makes you to an addict. But in the meantime I have learned to distinguish what I realy want. So I've purchased a lot of premium themes cause the existence of them is neccessary and legitimate: anybody works for nothing and everybody needs a filled breadbasket! BTW it seems acceptable to me to pay around 2, 3 or 5 dollars/euros for a cool theme. We have paid much more for our gimmick named Torch and we pay a lot more every month to our providers. To demand free themes seems greedy to me! So be more grateful for all the themebuilders with premiumthemes which try to earn money...like we all do! And when they are so generous to give us a present in form of a free theme now and again its okay! Be more generous with donation and praise and you will get more passion and generousity from the themebuilders...:-)

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    02-04-11 12:30 PM
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    I try to do both. Free and paid themes. Even though I aim more towards the free side I don't spent as much time making a theme that is free but also hope people enjoy them. Working on a theme right now which might be towards the free side.

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    02-04-11 02:02 PM
  12. jim_jam81@yahoo.com's Avatar
    Thanx to all those free theme developers !!!!! I've downloaded a couple and they rule !!! I think so far the G-Droid one is my fav haha really appreciate what u all do. I'm gonna see if I can start developing themes too and not sell any haha

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    02-04-11 02:28 PM
  13. molson0's Avatar
    Once you try the new Theme Builder Beta...You will sell them too.

    It really is very hard to get the theme bug free, and looking as you see em....

    i used ot think wiht te beta TB you should NOT charge for themes, But if you can get it bug free & add
    things others cannot.....I say go for it.
    02-04-11 02:30 PM
  14. erigsby's Avatar
    i know this post is thanks to the people who make free themes, but i'd say thanks to the people who make premium ones as well. if it weren't for people making these themes i wouldn't have any! most of the time you pay more money for a gallon of milk than you do for a theme, so don't under-appreciate the people that are making premium themes.
    have a great day!
    02-04-11 02:53 PM
  15. dayoungdc's Avatar
    I hope that my thread was not misunderstood. I have the utmost respect for all developers and agree, for a certain quality, it is understood that you should pay for a theme. My point was just to thank those helping out those people unable to pay for themes for various reasons.
    02-04-11 03:28 PM
  16. Pootermobile's Avatar
    Thanks for the thanks! coming from a history of making only free themes for about 3 years I recently (maybe a year ago) decided to make my themes premium. And I promised myself I would stay true to my roots of developing free themes for the community. I'm glad Meridian made it up there in the list for you that means a lot to me. So thanks again for the appreciation!
    02-04-11 03:38 PM
  17. KahneFan's Avatar
    Woo hoo! I just started theme'ing this week and a theme made it to 2 mentions!

    I agree, thanks to other free themer's out there. I come from a long history of theme'ing message boards and those are typically free, so it's natural for me to theme for free.
    02-04-11 03:47 PM
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    I totally agree! It is very appreciated to see all the theme options we have with the torch. Coming from a 8310, 9000, 9700 and now here, I was crushed when there were a few rare themes in existence for the torch. You themers and wallpaper'ers do an amazing job of keeping the torch fun and unique. I'm amazed at how far the themes have risen in quality and features and that's for free and premium. I've purchased some premiums that weren't the quality of the free themes, and find myself back on free and fabulous themes! Thank you guys so much! Totally appreciated

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    02-04-11 06:22 PM
  19. claudiapuccio's Avatar
    Thank you to all of you that have made my torch look so good. Your hard work is really appreciated!
    02-04-11 08:13 PM
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    02-05-11 11:45 PM
  21. Blacklatino's Avatar
    Too many to mention, but, thanks to all of the developers that put in the time/ effort in developing your quality themes- whether premium/free. Again, thank you.
    02-06-11 12:23 AM
  22. KEB64's Avatar
    You know, my themes come from necessity, the mother of invention. I share them because if I can make one person happy, it's makes it all the sweeter. All I really require in return is feedback. After all, two heads are better than one! Cheers everybody!
    02-06-11 01:35 AM
  23. pmccartney's Avatar
    Great work all you 'Theme Builders' out there. Keep up the good work!
    02-08-11 11:56 AM