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    !Pure (White) provides a stylish layout which displays all of the necessary applications onto the homescreen (including Facebook).

    This simple theme brings all the essential tools for everyday communications straight to your homescreen. By combining the original OS6 icons and a sleek design, this theme is created with a fresh approach to your communications on the move.

    This release is designed for the facilities on the BlackBerry Torch OS 6. Other versions are available on request!

    This theme is available direct from the Blackberry App World by following this LINK or searching !Pure (White) in the Store.

    I am currently working on uploading my products onto the Crackberry store however I am waiting for an email from their support...
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    07-14-11 11:21 AM
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    new upgrade sent for review!
    -this includes an improved layout for wallpaper changes.
    Use this upgrade to customize the unique theme with individual pictures...

    07-17-11 08:12 AM
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    I have just received an email saying the updates are now available on Blackberry... Get them soon
    07-20-11 08:42 AM
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    I was between this version or the other one but went for this one! Wish it has trackpad support though as it's nice and simple.
    07-21-11 02:14 PM
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    thanks, yeah il set to work on that trackpad issue now, thanks for the comments
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    07-30-11 02:18 PM
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    now only 99c
    08-05-11 11:36 AM
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    Very Very Nicely made theme and I appreciate your way of Theme making. Would love to see a bigger image for preview.

    That would look more bigger and better.

    Hats off to your great art work.
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    08-05-11 12:01 PM
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    Thanks for your comments sunny... im currently working on a new theme which il post bigger preview images thanks again
    08-16-11 06:50 AM