1. BlindDave's Avatar
    Hi everyone, as you have probably guessed from my screen name, i have trouble seeing as i have a degenerative desease in my eyes that is sending me blind, anyway....
    I have recently purchased a BB Torch 9800 sim free/handset only in England, i was wondering if someone would be able to create me a theme that:
    1) Keeps everything original on the theme other than every part of the phone that goes white background with black text (such as texts/contacts/options) - i would simply like that to be contrasted (black background-white text)
    2) posibally change the blue highlight colour to something like a think white outline around the outside of the rectangle highlight or somehting that is jst as easy to read without burning my retna with overpowering white

    thanks for reading and i hope to hear from you all soon
    11-24-10 02:49 PM