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    The release notes for the blackberry theme builder indicates that "You can add the following organizational items to a Today item in a custom theme layout: * Tasks; * Memos." this suggests to me that one could view tasks on the home screen.

    Is anyone aware of, or interested in trying to make, a simple theme that is basically the stock but with several calendar events and tasks on the homescreen? it would be awesome to lose the silly tabs as well (eg just 4 or 8 icons on the bottom of the screen).

    Some days I really miss the home screen on my old windoze mobile phone, which even a noob like myself could customize via a program by SBSH called Facade - so that it listed my next 4 appointments and 3 tasks due on a given day. pretty wallpaper and backgrounds are nice, but I use the phone first and foremost for work, and would like to see my appointments and tasks at a glance.
    11-18-10 08:50 PM
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    Fuhgedaboutit! I messed around with theme builder and although one can add tasks to the homescreen, they are subject to the whimsy of the lame way that the BB task app handles them - eg, there is no way to "hide" completed apps, unless you delete them.

    But for those interested in a business-style homescreen (but NO tasks) check out my first attempt at using themebuilder http://forums.crackberry.com/f220/fr...y-tabs-559568/

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    Just found this theme with tasks... Did not try it myself (due to limitations in BB tasks mentioned above) but perhaps others would want it - only $0.99

    BlackBerry App World - BGT Calendar Today Plus

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    12-30-10 12:37 PM