1. Mralbino's Avatar
    I don't know anything about Themes or anything, but i was wondering if you're able to change JUST the icon image for the Facebook application... Not sure if that's possible or not.

    I'd be interested to change the icon to the following image if it's possible:

    11-22-10 10:20 AM
  2. Jleeblanch's Avatar
    Check this link out Superstore

    I haven't personally used it but judging by what it says, it should let you do what you're looking to do!

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    11-22-10 11:12 AM
  3. Mralbino's Avatar
    Interesting, never knew of that app... Looks like it doesn't allow Facebook icon to be changed. Thanks for sharing that though.
    11-22-10 11:27 AM
  4. Jleeblanch's Avatar
    Ya I just downloaded the Trial version to see if you could and you're right, you can't! Hmm, I guess that answer's the question then. Because I've tried out MANY different themes and I've NEVER seen the actually FB app icon changed.

    But an alternative option, so you could use that icon image, would be do use an app that makes web shortcuts (similar to the webkit browser). Before I got my Torch I used to do that. I used to use Shortcut Manager and I used some of my own personal images for the icon link to different browser favorites!

    Matter of fact, it would be sick if you could use your own images for icons in OS 6 for you browser favorites (or whatever!)

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    11-22-10 11:46 AM