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    Dimension Slide takes my popular custom Dimension icon set and combines it with a unique, single touch, double slide homescreen animation, to give you a one of a kind but highly usable theme like no other.


    •Scroll Up, or touch anywhere on the screen, and your main 16 icons will smoothly slide into view. Half will slide in from the left and half will slide in from the right
    •Scroll down, or touch above or below the icons, and the 16 icons will slide back out of view. Half slide away to the left and half slide away to the right.
    •5 more icons are always visible at the bottom of the homescreen (which makes 21 total apps that you can easily launch right from your homescreen).
    •All custom Dimension style icon set.
    •Everything has been themed in the matching Dimension style. Menus, call screen, popup boxes, unread alert icons, etc.
    •Full trackpad & touchscreen support.

    Download link: Dimension Slide
    11-14-10 02:49 AM
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    Only $2.99 until the end of November!
    11-14-10 02:50 AM
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    this theme is to plain for a 2.99 price tag. it dosent really pop out on the screen and seems to simple
    11-14-10 09:11 AM
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    this theme is to plain for a 2.99 price tag. it dosent really pop out on the screen and seems to simple
    Simple is what I was going for. Simple and very usable. Too many themes out there try to get to complicated and forget that a theme needs to first and formost be functional and usable.
    ie, click here for this dock and click a different place for a different dock and somewhere else for something else. And then press Alt-q to hide the first one and press alt-z to show something else. Themes like that just waste your time.

    This theme has more available than those unnecessarily complicated themes and it is still highly usable and very wallpaper friendly.

    And it Does pop out on the screen. Anyone that has used it will tell you the one of a kind double slide effect definitely does make it pop.

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    11-14-10 12:41 PM
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    By request theme is on sale for 80% off.

    Now only $0.99!
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    08-08-11 12:21 AM
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    any chance of a hidden dock
    08-11-11 04:41 AM