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    This will shrink your wallpaper so it will be fully viewable without icons in the way. Each color option is a separate DL and purchase. I could not get the color change option to work with the shrunken wallpaper. I personally prefer the stock icons (familiarity), so I do not use custom icon sets. However, if custom icons are important to you, I highly recommend SHORTCUT MANAGER. This app allows you to create custom icons for ANY app of yours, plus allows you to create shortcuts to MANY different features/functions of your phone.

    Download: MyWall - Hidden Today - Themes BlackBerry Apps - Crackberry BlackBerry Apps Store
    Try the link above first. It works mobile. However, if you are wanting to DL from your PC you may need to use this link: MyWall - Hidden Today - Themes BlackBerry Software

    This theme and All of My Themes are free for all CB users who use the code: "cbfree"

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    03-21-11 02:24 AM
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    Code not working.

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    03-21-11 03:58 AM
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    It needs to be entered "MYWALL10" not "MyWall10."
    03-21-11 07:15 AM
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    Cool concept! I like the cursor a lot too, and I also love that the home screen has both touch and trackpad support. If you are looking for feedback on ways to improve it, I only have two suggestions: The alarm clock icon sort of mushes into the AM or PM text of the clock and might be better in another place. And this is probably nit-picky, but when you press the Blackberry key and go into the menu, the background is kind of a light charcoal, and I think it would look sharper as true black. Otherwise, this kicks all kinds of ***. Well done.
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    03-21-11 07:24 AM
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    love the purple one! thanks this idea was pretty cool.
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    03-21-11 09:18 AM
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    Brilliant idea and concept. Well done.
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    03-21-11 09:34 AM
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    All coupons have been used, thanks! Please feel free to post any screenshots.

    If you are looking for feedback...
    Feedback is always appreciated for any of my themes, free or paid.

    I will take a look at adjusting the clock.

    I really wish the app screen BG could be user definable. Maybe in the next theme builder build... probably not... but I can be hopeful It's a hard balance on that screen. I've tried textured and people ask for a solid color. I've tried solid black and people have asked for texture/color. So, my compromise is a slight smoke color. It's not ideal, but it's the best I could think of.
    03-21-11 09:51 AM
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    03-21-11 09:55 AM
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    Got the orange one with the free code, thanks KahneFan! Definitely like the layout and will take a look at Shortcut Manager. Many thanks.
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    03-21-11 10:17 AM
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    I never thought I could have this one!
    Thanks, 'KahneFan' for the promo codes!
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    03-31-11 11:09 PM