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    MAGNUM satisfies the senses with it's contrasting colors, transparent menus and metallic accents.

    Full-on utility, it provides you with super-quick navigation as well as access to almost every area of your BB OS right from the home-screen. A Today area that shows upto 10 new messages, calendar entries or memos. A clean, handy landscape mode with messages, bbm, social feeds and browser.

    Overall an attractive and nifty theme, that you will enjoy using day after day!
    * Full touch based Homescreen (Trackpad supported for today areas)
    * HD Quality theme
    * 5 Skins available
    * 7 User defined icons
    * Dedicated homescreen slots for:

    1 Quicklaunch
    2 Messages
    3 Messenger
    4 Profiles
    5 Clock/Alarm
    6 Application Menu
    7 Calendar
    8 Time
    9 Setup
    10 Options

    * Today area with Unread Message, Social feeds and Browser
    * Smooth strategic transitions
    * Slick 2 tone icon set
    * Custom Backgrounds on all screens
    * Customized Calling screens and Lock screen
    * New Fonts, Menu Colors, Highlights, Alert icons and Pop-up buttons
    * Custom battery meter
    * Custom signal meter
    * Attention to minor details, that other themes may ignore
    * Perfectly complements the aesthetics of the BB Torch 9800
    * Optimized to avoid screen lags and excessive battery consumption.
    * Please re-boot (battery-pull) your device after the theme is successfully installed

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    Looks good, anymore screenshots? Are the buttons user defined? Having trouble following the Global Torch link... just get the brushed metal screen but nothing on it when I click the link... could be on my end though.
    12-07-10 12:05 PM
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    More screenshots will be up soon.
    There are 7 user-defined icons and several pre-set for various other apps. About the GTT website, can't be sure! Just checked, seems to be loading fine!
    12-07-10 12:56 PM
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    Fonts look bigger.

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    12-16-10 10:45 PM
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    ***On sale now for only $3.99 till 16th January!!!***

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