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    Adobe Air is boring me, soooooooooooo, I'm back

    Download Jewel7 today !!

    Custom- EVERYTHING

    Full Landscape Mode

    Focus Today in Landscape Mode


    Jewel7 - Crackberry Store
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    09-05-11 04:58 PM
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    here is the wall i used.

    09-05-11 05:07 PM
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    lots of downloads but no replies ...

    is it THAT bad ?
    09-06-11 07:56 PM
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    I for one, love this theme!!! works great on my Torch!!

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    09-07-11 06:20 AM
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    Great job, Molson0 !!!!
    Really like your themes...


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    09-07-11 07:39 PM
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    Great theme, Nice concept and is great for someone who wants to show off their wallpaper, but I deleted it after an hour of use because of it's usefulness for me. The white letters on the light blue in the message list was too hard to read.

    Maybe I am missing something I couldn't get to any icons on the homescreen unless I am in landscape and I normally lock my homescreen and apps screen.
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    09-07-11 11:11 PM
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    I am sorry that you did not like it.

    I did not advertise there WAS icons on the homescreen.

    I posted sreenies up top .

    PM me & I will take care of your text issue. I Will NOT be adding homescreen icons, so if that is a game breaker Dont even bother PM'ing.
    09-08-11 06:41 AM
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    I didn't say I didn't like, it is a great theme. I was just having a hard time seeing the email list at a glance.

    The icon comment was a question because I didn't know if you could see them on the portrait view as well.
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    09-08-11 09:10 PM
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    I will update the theme to address the text issue ( I see exactly what your talking about)

    If you would like icons on home screen (portrait), I have made another version where you can switch between 4 icons & the current 1 icon with text.
    I can upload it as an update if people want the ability to have 4 icons aswell as the current set up with a simple tap of the ( -or- ) keys..

    I have only had 2 requests for this out of many downloads.
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    09-09-11 07:20 AM
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    Great job, Molson0 !!!!
    Really like your themes...


    What app is that in slot0 ? with chesternoos you're so awesome ???/
    09-09-11 08:06 AM
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    Nothing special actually...Only have created a file with that name (or another). See!!! it gives a nice effect on the homescreen thanks to your theme.

    Couldn't resist to add another homescreen, with the new update (4 icons) that you made for me.
    Glad that people can take advantage of it.

    Thanks Molson0, my torch looks so great now.

    Great job.

    09-09-11 04:00 PM
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    Theme has been updated with said changes

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    09-10-11 12:14 PM
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    Now available at Appworld
    09-26-11 08:10 AM