1. siouxk's Avatar
    I have a Torch and this theme this is all new to me. What is OTA and how do I download and install themes?

    01-03-11 02:57 AM
  2. anon2100101's Avatar
    OTA means "Over The Air"... You can download themes and other apps by using your native BB-Browser (not Opera-Mini or Bitstream BOLT)... You open the selected webside (crackberry for example), surf to the app/theme you want, search for something named "Ota" (or a link/file with the ending ".jad") click it and some seconds later you have installed a new theme/app... :-)
    01-03-11 06:26 AM
  3. siouxk's Avatar
    Thank you for the usefull info there. Helped tons, cheers.
    01-04-11 02:13 AM
  4. anon2100101's Avatar
    Thank you for the usefull info there. Helped tons, cheers.
    Its okay- we ALL were "greenhorns" in the past and we all needed support...
    If youre looking for some indispensable apps (OTA of course) go to this threat
    My personal recommendation is first the Bitstream BOLT browser! Opera Mini is also a good browser, but on my torch it stucks al little bit and works not so good as on my Bold9700 or the named BOLT-Browser... Its near the real I-Net! Only OTA doesnt work with it... (For OTA ALLWAYS use the native/preinstalled BB-Browser). Another suggest: download the BlackBerry-Appworld... there are a lot of free apps for OTA-downloading... :-)

    Have a good time with your torch... I love it! :-)
    01-04-11 02:31 AM