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    Hi all...Had my Torch for a couple of weeks now and absolutely love it!!! Been looking around everywhere for a simple theme but can't find anything satisfactory so I decided to post this.Here is what im looking for:

    - Battery percentage
    - 3 options at the top (Status, Clock, Manage Connections)
    - Sound profile just as it is
    - Search icon to be replaced with app (weather app!)
    - Spot between the Sound Profiles and the Search : Half goes straight to Messages and the other half straight to Calendar
    - No semi transparent overlays where time/date/profile/search are

    THAT'S IT.

    I know a lot of the themes out there have some if not most of these criterias but I'm looking for a theme with ALL of these things ONLY. The rest of the original theme is very good I find.

    So if you have anything pertinent to suggest please do!!! Thanks in advance CB !!

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