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    (Here is the link to the theme thread where I also inquired, I figured posting on the main board might get me an answer quicker - http://forums.crackberry.com/f220/fr...31/index2.html)

    So I installed this theme and when I go to switch to a different theme, it activates - but when I do a battery pull to ensure all the icons refresh etc. it Always reverts back to the "Noir" theme. Any suggestions?

    Update: I just deleted the other theme...but is there a reason for this, or just a problem with that theme?
    12-03-10 01:11 PM
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    There may be a problem with the theme. I've downloaded tons over the last few weeks, including some from that forum.
    Did you contact the theme's developer?

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    12-03-10 01:20 PM
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    I developed it & can NOT duplicate the OPs results.

    I suggested deleting it & rebooting.

    I have issues in the past where previous wallpapers stayed after changing the theme.

    Ressetting to default wallpaper fixed the issue.

    ( having said this, i cant get the sim to work on my pc, so I have about 40 test themes on my phone at any given time)

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    12-03-10 01:53 PM