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    Compatible with Torch 9800 and 480x360 Devices on OS6

    IMPORTANT: Please review device compatibility prior to purchasing. Not responsible for themes purchased for devices not listed. Please review all information, screenshots and instructions prior to purchasing or contacting tech support. There's no need to write a novel here if you need help...send me a PM. Reset is required after initial installation of theme. NO zip files will be provided. Please do not purchase if you cannot download via OTA.

    Customize the look of your home screen with Lex. Hidden top and bottom banners, along with hideable meters, hideable dock and scroll off buttons make this theme extremely wallpaper friendly. Add the 15 color option menu in the mix and you have the ability to "design" the perfect color scheme to display your favorite wallies and photos. Banners are semi-transparent with subtle grunge effect, ensuring your banner items remain visible and stylish looking.

    RingTones (8)
    Profiles (f)
    Videos (3)
    SMS/MMS 0)
    YouTube (6)
    Pictures (1)
    Manage Connections (9)
    Music (2)
    Wifi (7)
    Twitter (4)
    Facebook (5)
    Universal Search (s)
    Tint (z/x)

    Hideable items: Access/Hide items using the scroll off/scroll on buttons below the time/OCD display. For example, the color wheel icon gives you access to the color options menu. Scroll on and off to see each icon change to the "on/off" position and click to hide/show each respective item. The access buttons disappear when you scroll off of them to prevent the home screen from overcrowding. Torch users can either scroll and click, or simply touch each icon to have the same results.

    Banners: Banners and meters within each banner are hideable. Scroll up and click to show the top banner, scroll away and back and click again to hide. Same process for bottom banner/meters. Torch users can touch each area and hide/show banners.

    Hidden Dock: Hidden Dock is accessed/hideable with the ON/OFF switch located immediately above the dock on the left hand side. Same process as the Color Options/Weather/Dashboard icons. Scroll off, scroll on.

    Reg Price $3.99, on sale for $2.99

    Lex 9800 OS6

    Lex 9780/9700/9650 OS6

    Lex 9700/9650 OS5

    Lex 8520/8530 OS5
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    what a great theme , love it!! Thank you for sharing your talent with us!!!!!

    Would you please share the wp in the last screen shot the fall wp, thanks!!!
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    12-18-11 11:01 AM
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    12-18-11 12:17 PM
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    12-18-11 03:26 PM
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    FAB theme Xan !!! Easily shot up to my #1 theme
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    12-18-11 04:29 PM
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    12-19-11 08:37 PM
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    Now available for 9700/9650 OS5 and 8520/8530 OS5!!
    12-20-11 05:15 PM
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    Wallpaper can be found on her tumblr click on my signature !

    12-27-11 09:09 AM
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    Not sure why my posts above from different days all grouped together

    Wallpaper by Xan on her tumbler...thanks Xan

    12-30-11 08:26 AM
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    Lovin this theme !!

    01-04-12 09:53 AM
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    Great work on this theme. Does it have a hidden today?
    01-05-12 08:45 AM
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    Great work on this theme. Does it have a hidden today?
    No, sorry, it doesn't.
    01-07-12 01:02 AM
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    01-21-12 09:51 AM